You won't believe who the best dating advice guru on the Web is | The Daily Dot You won't believe who the best dating advice guru on the Web is | The Daily Dot

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In a recent episode, Joe recently shared an audio message that he left for a girl he likes. Hapless male podcast listeners wanting to change the quality of their female relationships may have a new unlikely tutor.

Examining the fantasy community's collective fascination with Hunter Henry. If you want well thought out analysis with a blend of advanced metrics, insightful commentary and hyperbole-free fantasy football advice then this show is for you.

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But some of the best male-centered advice about how to find a partner is coming from an unlikely source: Start up a dynasty league today on Reality Sports Online: Quincy Enunwa looks the part of an NFL target hog receiver.

Backfield stacking New England Patriots running backs: Paul Perkins' ceiling is average NFL running back, his floor is out of the league in a year. Dating apps and matchmaking sites are a brand-new phenomenon on the scale of human Dating color code, and they leave loads of gray area in their wake.

A new appreciation for Tevin Coleman and Isaiah Crowell. Marcus Mariota's TD rate is historic and unsustainable.

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How would Matt Moore affect the Dolphins passing game? The best late-round tight end values: Ready to enjoy a charmed life with the man or woman of your dreams?

Brandon Marshall could lead the NFL in red zone target share. Cameron Meredith was a more efficient version of Tyrell Williams in Activities like improv class or salsa dancing often come up as examples.

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David Njoku's posted a statistically ridiculous season at Miami. He is, at first blush, an inappropriate candidate to be dispensing well-adjusted dating advice for men. The author of I Hope They Serve Bell in Hell has found true love, and now he has a podcast telling others how they might do the same.

Since the podcast launched 10 months ago, Mating Grounds has seen two million downloads in total.

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The podcast was born as a promotional vehicle for a book co-authored by Miller and Max, Mate: Tucker Max made his name with that book, its two sequelsand a movie based on the sex- and booze-soaked stories within them.

We love women, and everything we teach men is about how to be attractive to them so they can have great relationships. NFL satellite backs are particularly adept at converting first downs.

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Last updated Roto Underworld Radio Ep Real talk about rookie eases concerns about Spencer Ware and Carlos Hyde. Geoffrey Millerauthor and professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico.

But then again, no one would have solicited earnest dating advice from him, either. Ultimately, this is because they hate women.