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When Annie decided to continue as the sole licensee of the Rovers, Billy moved The show hook up to Weatherfield permanently, deciding to start afresh, look after Annie and put in the occasional shift at the Rovers.

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Phillipa broke off the engagement to return to beauty contests in London, closely followed by Billy who returned to his job. District Court Judge Philip S. But things start to get a bit creepy when it sinks in the couple had been together for seven years.

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Billy Walker

Billy came up from London to put Annie straight, and got a new job soon afterwards. I went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with him.

Later life Edit Billy made Jersey his home and only occasionally visited Annie, usually when he needed money. Billy tries to convince Mike Baldwin to buy a restaurant with him When Annie went to live with Joan in DerbyBilly returned to Weatherfield again to run the Rovers, reluctantly, in Billy and Phillipa came up to Weatherfield, but Annie didn't take to Phillipa because of her profession.

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Deirdre was now married to Ken Barlowand while Ken was away Billy made a pass at Deirdre, but she threw him out. Domeier to study migratory patterns, especially those associated with mating and birthing, over a five-year period.

Bet ended up staying, beginning a year stint which would see her eventually become landlady. Annie didn't like Deirdre or her mother, Blanche Huntand Billy was tired of Annie's judgementalism.

He was such a bad influence that when he was caught fighting in a classroom in the Deputy Headmaster Donald Henderson wrote to Jack and Annie suggesting that their son's education would be better served at another school.


The devastated girlfriend sat on the pavement in the company of two unnamed male friends A friend in need: Billy was a surprise guest at Annie's '40 years at the Rovers' party in When he repaired Ken Barlow 's mini as a favour without asking Billy, Billy was unhappy with him, but Alan wasn't one to make the same mistake twice and their working relationship was fine after that.

Billy and Alan Howard discuss the future of the garage when Billy moves to London Later that year, Frank Bradley used the garage to work on stolen cars. Billy was sacked from the garage in and was worried about keeping up with his rent. Desperate to pay off a loan, Billy sunk to a new low and blackmailed Emily Bishop to get hold of the insurance money she had got when her husband was murdered in Eventually Jasmine left because of Annie's prejudice.

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