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He has also hosted Watch What Happens Live since Patti didn't limit her romantic opinions just to Andy though, and quickly explained why members of several other Bravo shows were single. While Patti hinted that Kenya Moore had already found love, she noted that Brandi Glanvile might need to 'stop drinking' if she wanted to catch a man.

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Yes, I meditate every day for about 15 to 20 minutes, and sometimes at night if I can't sleep. Just redo your profile to get better matches. Patti thought Zoila would do just fine in the romance department 'if Jeff let her out of the house.

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Good looking, successful, funny people hang out with similar types. It was my cheat day, because I was on a strict diet.

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I think meditation calms me down. The secret is to get out of your own way! That's what you think of me and that's okay.

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One of those mentioned by Andy, Kenya Moore, elicited the surprising answer from Patti of 'She's not single anymore. What is the best way to make a lasting impression after a first date?

Her opinion on the handsome and popular Jax was summed up quickly: A vibrator, but hide it.

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But, she often advises clients to do a quick perusal on LinkedIn to see if prospects are lying about basic information like employment. It takes away that fear. She tells clients to reserve online dating as a special experience, by dimming the lights at home, uncorking a bottle of wine, and playing fun music.

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Dating online opens up so many possibilities for offline. You get rid of the bad jobs. Scroll down for Patti millionaire matchmaker dating tips Love connection: The second should be a niche site, such as J-Date, or MillionaireMatch.

Stanger has had clients who lost their jobs over their addiction to checking their profiles and prospects while at work.

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What fitness classes are you taking? That was exactly what happened on Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, when the year-old reality star got chatting with Andy Cohen, He's gonna wait 'til he's 50!

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Does that help you through a workout? Stanger also cautions against only using the computer to find a match, and not working it through friends, at the gym, chance encounters…the list goes on.