Given that I had few resources to draw from at the time, the Feng Shui elements that Betty suggested we implement in our San Diego home did not seem dramatic. However, the changes that have occurred in our lives since then have been quite dramatic and positive.

After years of being single, I have found a wonderful relationship, which has thrived since making the appropriate changes to our Love and Marriage quadrant. We immediately noticed an energy shift in the house, and my boyfriend—who is the biggest skeptic—is now a wholehearted believer in the practice of Feng Shui. Because of the dramatic changes in my life, I will continue to implement Feng Shui solutions on a yearly basis and look forward to watching more abundance and satisfaction unfold.

Rachael Meyers

Wow, how it changed the energy in my office! Betty came twice to really clear, change, and stabilize the flow in my office with Feng Shui. Thank you, Betty. My business is so prosperous and harmonious.

Christine M. Esters
Adventure In Well Being

Betty Perkins is lively, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about Feng Shui. She brings creative solutions with sensitivity and respect for each member of the household. Her reminders that animals in a home is good Feng Shui is refreshing, and her genuine love of animals shines through. Betty is knowledgeable, gentle, and fun to work with. I would work with her again. My family has embraced her suggestions and is implementing them at a pace that is comfortable, all the while commenting on the difference since Betty visited our home.

Lisa Marie

Betty Perkins is warm, super-friendly, knowledgeable, proficient, and provides excellent service! Betty provided Feng Shui for our Triumph Life Center Healing Center in Santa Rosa over a year ago. Many patients comment on the warm, healing energy in our office, and they love it here! My acupuncture and naturopathic practice has doubled since Betty did the Feng Shui here. I highly recommend Betty Perkins for all your Feng Shui needs.

Annie Osborn
L.Ac., Naturopath
Santa Rosa, CA

To anyone who may be considering a Feng Shui consultation from Betty Perkins:

I have personally had Betty come to my home twice: once for the initial consultation and the second time for the yearly follow-up visit. Both times she was on time and professional. In addition, what was even more impressive to me was her knowledge of the different types of Feng Shui, her ability to share with me her findings, and how to complete the corrections.

The end result for me was a home filled with peace and serenity, while increasing the cash flow in my business substantially with just a few small adjustments.

Thank you, Betty, I really appreciate the work that you did for me.

Duane Vos
Creative Window Fashions, Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA

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