These energies are invisible but influence luck, wealth, health, and the way a space supports (or doesn’t support) those who live there.

This kind of analysis is based on the facing compass direction of the home or building together with the year of construction or major renovation.

There are flying star charts that are neutral, others that are said to be very auspicious through all time, and some which are inauspicious, such as in the case of “prison charts” (houses that became locked in 2004 and remain locked until 2024 unless remedies are applied-not good for wealth), reverse houses”, (unfavorable for people and wealth), “double sitting” charts (favorable for people, unfavorable for wealth), “double facing” charts (favorable for wealth not for people).

Remedies are applied to restore good luck in these unfavorable charts and suppress the bad energies.

This is done with actual elements and symbols. Auspicious charts are enhanced with elemental remedies, making the energies even more positive.

Each star individually is a number that corresponds to an element. The quality of the stars changes based on a 20 year cycle. Certain combinations of stars are favorable and others are inauspicious. Remedies using actual elements diminish the negative influence of “bad” star combinations and enhance the good influence of auspicious combinations.

A Feng Shui consultation will include a Flying Star analysis, based on the year of construction of a home or office, (or a major remodel) plus the compass facing direction of the building, determining the combinations of flying stars for your space.

There is much more to this than I have described as this is an in-depth analytical study of a dwelling. Having the analysis done and corrections made can make a huge difference in how a building supports its inhabitants.

For Further Study:
Steven Skinner. Flying Star Feng Shui: Change your energy, change your luck. David Twicken. Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy. Lillian Too, Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy.

Although there is nothing easy about flying stars, enhancing a building in this way brings a huge boon to one’s good fortune.

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