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Betty Perkins
Feng Shui Consulting
How much will it cost?
That depends on the size and condition of the home or office. My fees are $125.00 per hour.

How long will it take?
This depends on the office or home, and I would estimate between 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours—longer for a building project.

What if I don’t have a floor plan?
You can draw an outline of a bird’s eye view of your space. I have even used a drawing on a napkin, although actual floor plans are best.

How do I remember all the things you suggest?
I suggest you tape record my visit. Have your recording equipment ready and available for my visit.

What information do you need ahead of my visit?
I will need a floor plan and the year of construction.

Do you do the entire analysis on the day of the consultation?
The flying stars analysis is done in my office, and the results mailed to you within a week.

What if I don’t know the year of construction?
You can find this by contacting your city’s development authorities, your real estate agent, or go to webstigate.com, or intelius.com.

What are flying stars?
Flying stars are invisible energy, represented by a number that corresponds to an element. Certain combinations are auspicious and others are not. Remedies usually involve an actual element to bring things into balance. These invisible energies change every 20 years. The facing direction of your building and the year of construction are used to calculate flying stars.

What are yearly flying stars?
There is a yearly star that flies into a home or office as the Chinese New Year changes in February.

Are you going to move my furniture around?
No, you will do whatever changes you choose to make after my consultation.

Is Feng Shui like interior decorating?
Although a home or office looks great after implementing changes following a Feng Shui consultation, its main purpose is to improve the energy environment of a space. An interior designer or stager is the person to call for questions regarding aesthetics.