You will love coming home and going to work after you implement my recommendations following a consultation.

My fees are $125.00 per hour. An average house takes an hour and a half to three hours. The average office takes one to two hours. I will also be taking compass directions to calculate your Flying Stars (invisible elemental energy), analysis which will be done in my office after the visit.

I provide you with a notebook so you can take notes while I am going through your home or office, making suggestions. I highly recommend that you also tape the session to supplement your notes. You may request a written report for an additional fee.

To prepare for my visit:

  • It is beneficial to clear clutter from all rooms before my visit. Spend at least 45 minutes on this.
  • Provide me with your floor plan or a hand-drawn, bird’s-eye view of your home or office—either by mail or at the time I visit you.
  • I will need to know the year your home or building was constructed.
  • What disturbs you about your life, home, or office? Let me know.
  • You are welcome to record my visit. Please have your equipment ready.

Although we will be considering all of them, please select your top three areas of interest from the following areas in your home or office, which we will be addressing:

  • Wealth and prosperity: your level of abundance and gratitude
  • Fame and reputation: how you are perceived in your life and the business world
  • Love and relationship: in the office this is your relationship with clients. In the home it is your relationship with significant others.
  • Children and creativity
  • Helpful people/friends and travel
  • Career and new beginnings
  • Knowledge and self-cultivation
  • Health and family


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