Feng Shui begins with clearing clutter. Surround yourself with only what you use and love.If you have a lot of belongings in your environment that you don’t use or love, those are physical representations of inner stuck energy. Surround yourself only with what you use and love. Anything else should be gone.

Motivating Reason
For everything you have in your space, a tiny invisible line reaches out to those belongings. If it is something you use and love, that energy goes back to you. If it is something you don’t use or love, your energy is depleted. The more items you have in your environment that you don’t use or love, the less energy and excitement you will have.

Start with a small area such as a drawer 
You will need:
A large beach towel, or a blanket, if you’re doing a closet
Three paper grocery bags
Three wide plastic bins you purchased, or use large garbage bags
A label maker or masking tape, and permanent marker
Optional: roll of liner paper 

Step One
Lay the towel out on the floor
Dump contents from drawer
Wipe out drawer
Cut out paper liner if you are using it and insert in drawer. 

Step Two
Select items from towel that you know you use and love, and that you want located here
Arrange them in the drawer
Replace drawer
Admire drawer 

Step Three
Label one paper bag “move elsewhere.” These items will be those you use and love, but are stored in the wrong place.
Label the second paper bag “can’t get rid of but don’t use.”
Label the third bag “donate to some happy person who needs this and will be blessed by it,” (or “donate” for short). 
Take the “move elsewhere” bag and put it in whatever room items are best suited.
Take the “can’t get rid of but don’t use” bag and put those items in the bin or garbage bag labeled the same. 

Take the “donation” bag and place items in bin or garbage bag with that title. 

Even Easier 1-2-3 
1. Take an old towel, dump drawer contents onto towel.
2. Arrange items you use and love into drawer.
3. Take everything else to Goodwill.   

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Betty Perkins
Feng Shui Consulting