Lion Taming:
The Courage to Deal With Difficult People Including Yourself


I am writing to recommend our own Betty's book, Lion Taming: The Courage to Deal with Difficult People Including Yourself.

This book should be a requirement in all high schools. We should all be able to grow up with the benefit of its insights. How different the world would be if we arrived in adulthood with this knowledge.

I am only just past the midpoint, and am thinking this will become a book I will re-read many times. There are so many tools that Betty offers that can help one gain perspective in difficult moments (those times when emotions might otherwise overtake us), so that whatever transpires in a given interaction can travel in healing channels.

The ability to step back from, and yet still fully face any difficult situation with calm and dedication to a higher purpose, clarity, and equal doses of love (for ourselves and others), is truly a healing gift to all concerned.

Betty has performed a great service to the world in sharing her work in this area with us. It goes beyond simple psychology, bravely weaving into the mix powerful spiritual techniques so essential for a complete and effective response in our challenging world.

Like Feng Shui, we recognize the truths in these words, because somehow we have known them. But now through Betty's book, we can grasp them consciously. By pointing out each element and providing descriptive handles, Betty makes our work much easier.

Bravo, Betty. The words "thank you" can't even begin to be enough!

Taylor Vance
Feng Shui Practitioner

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