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When dealing with ancient sources they are even more blatant. This tendency on the part of Christians to meet Paganism halfway was very early developed; and we find Tertullian, even in his day, about the yearbitterly lamenting the inconsistency of the disciples of Christ in this respect, and contrasting it with the strict fidelity of the Pagans to their own superstition.

He therefore confined both her and her husband, the saintly nobleman Vasudeva, in a closely guarded prison, where he murdered their first six infants as they came.

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In Mithraism, Mithras never dies. I hope he treats women in real life like he did on the show!!

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The use of one's talents and wealth for the welfare of humanity is a very true reflection of the image of God. Franz Cumontconsidered the first great researcher of Mithras claimed that the disciples in the relief were actually people dressed up as Zodiac signs, showing how ludicrous the effort to link Mithras to Jesus can get.

Gandy did attempt to explain away this passage when it was presented to him but failed utterly and certainly could not say why he ever felt he could simply miss it out of his book. She has been debunked and criticized by many serious historical scholars.

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Since then, the Pope has assumed the garb of representative of Jesus Christ on Earth. Jesus warned of one of the key signs of the end times approaching: She claimed a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump, which symbolized the springing forth unto new life of the dead Nimrod.

The present day Bahagavad Gita has verses. They quote from Justin Martyr many times about his concerns that pagans and Christians had some similar rituals they did and modern scholarship is totally unsurprised by this.

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They were also nature worshippers. Blavatsky believed that through esoteric, occult magical practices, mankind could ascend and evolve to god-like status.

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For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. The keys of Peter and the shell, a pagan symbol for the cosmos, on a So if you now believe that Jesus was not just a copy of a pagan god, maybe it is time to start believing that He is indeed the Son of God who wants to spend eternity with you.

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This is their piece de resistance and they even put one of the pictures on the cover of their book. I welcome your comments.

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Additionally, the book of Isaiah, which prophesied that a virgin would give birth to the Messiah of the Bible, was written years before Christ and at least years before Krishna.

Far and wide, in the realms of Paganism, was this birthday observed.

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That would destroy their case and reading the Jesus Mysteries you would assume that neither Freke or Gandy knew of such a source even if it existed. As of MAY, that domain is for sale.

If I've left anything out, my apologies, please e-mail me and let me know what I missed or if I made a mistake let me know where and how.

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