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The only injury that would've been worse than this would have been to Russell Wilson. We don't know if Reiff will miss any time for sure, so I'll hold off on that one until we have more information.

However, this isn't a big deal.

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Injury concerns certainly played a part, but his character issues were seen as problematic as well. Thus, my Disaster Grade isn't as high as the media might think it would be, but I have to acknowledge that there's a chance that this could derail Dallas' season. Fitzgerald can still perform on a high level, so it would not be good if he opted to follow suit.

Gronkowski deserved to be punished for giving Tre'Davious White a concussion, but keeping him out of the Miami game isn't much of a deterrant to keep him from doing something like this again.

This suspension only matters if Kamara gets hurt as well.

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More importantly, Tampa will have to focus Packers dating site finding a new head coach, as Dirk Koetter seems utterly clueless. Had Conklin suffered this injury in September or October, he'd certainly be fine for training camp, but a January ligament tear will be difficult to come back from.

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Even better, it won't hurt Dating site intelligence Raiders' playoff aspirations, as they'll have Crabtree available against the Chiefs. A few days ago, Jay Glazer reported that Luck was still in pain and was seeking further options, which is quite ominous considering that he's 10 months removed from shoulder surgery.

Players were in the wrong places, and there were numerous blown assignments. Still, this is a harmful injury, especially because the season is involved.

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Mike Evans has been suspended for a game. Browns OT Joe Thomas out for season torn triceps: All three teams have talented quarterbacks who will surely expose Dallas' stop unit.

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Just in case that didn't quite sink in, let me repeat myself one more time: Here's a description of GreenBayPackersLovers. That's more of a question mark.

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That's because Burfict being gone for four weeks could derail Cincinnati's season. He wasn't having the best year because he was banged up, but his loss will give the Seahawks a major downgrade in the secondary.

His absence is going to make the two matchups against Ezekiel Elliott extremely difficult. Haden, according to ESPN, will miss more than three weeks, but won't be out for more than six.

Retirement and Injury This is a new feature where I'll list Disaster Ratings one being the least problematic, to 10 being code red for NFL teams involving offseason retirements and injuries.

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It should be easy to replace him, as there are some decent linebackers available, which you can see in the NFL Free Agent Linebacker Rankings.

All three games could be close, so a missed field goal could be a deciding factor. Looks like your cookies are disabled. That won't be the case now with his torn Achilles. Not only are Philadelphia's Super Bowl hopes dashed, but because this injury occurred so late in the year, Wentz may not be ready for the start of the season.

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Plus, even if he returns, he may not be percent. And yes, the Dolphins, atdo, or at least did, have playoff aspirations. Even worse, there's a chance Hooker may not make it back by training camp because he tore two ligaments. Foster missed six games as a rookie, and he's now getting into trouble.

However, he was still very good, and his team played hard for him each week.

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He broke his arm in the second quarter against the Rams, so he'll be out at least eight weeks. Well, Thomas' streak was the only thing the Browns had going for them.

Also, Wentz is also an extremely hard worker, so if there's anyone who can make it back in nine months, it's him.

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It seems like the Raiders are more efficient offensively with DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard on the field, so this could be a blessing in disguise. In the past two seasons, the Bengals are when Burfict misses action.

Even if they got into the playoffs, they weren't going to advance very far with Jay Cutler, so perhaps this is for the best.