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The records had a catalogue number series starting at S-1, but the series was very short-lived.

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The records were presumably made for a shop or store, but I don't know which one. I recollect receiving Gratispool 2 slides in strong cardboard mounts, plain yellow on the viewing side and white on the reverse see alongside.

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The site of a proposed station for the DesertXpress high-speed rail line in Victorville, California Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron believes the project could work and envisions a bustling transportation oasis with a hotel, restaurants, maybe even homes, on the proposed station site.

From this time Gratispool carried out their own processing of both cine and 35mm films on machines purchased from Dynacolor.

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Paddy accelerates through the eastern outskirts of Gateshead with a diverted up express on 9th March below. The train is about to pass D in blue livery, as built heading a northbound Freightliner train on 19th Dating polish guy The higher-speed rail can operate at top speeds that are higher than conventional rail but the speeds are not as high as those in the high-speed rail services.

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The new order, on 31st May ! The catalogue numbers started at for the 10" and for the 12".

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Possibly he had to send it to Glasgow for processing. They then post ads with fake profiles on online dating sites. An activity of national importance, but very specialised, was the making of microfilms of files and important papers.

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Margaret's Place was " In the Finglas laboratory opened in Ireland, located in the city of Dublin. The catalogue numbers have various prefixes, such as A- and C- followed by a 1, 2 or 3-digit number.

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It was devised in by the U. Fortunately, Norman's health recovered in South Africa, after a thyroid problem was discovered which had been over-looked in the UK.

In AprilGratispool introduced their Gratispool 2 colour transparency film also referred to as Gratispool II, maybe initially as Type X, to correspond with Kodak's use of the suffix 'X' on various of their films, post "NOW arriving from the USA", an improved version of the previous Dynachrome.

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Ron Houslip, Managing Director, Free Film Service, Maidenhead, "The major film at that time was Kodacolor, so Gratispool made efforts to solicit colour negative processing by advertisements which offered a free replacement Kodacolor film with each set of pictures.

Filling in time before the Youth Hostel at Arnside opened, I travelled just for the ride to Wigan behind D on the There are two series, possibly using two difference sources for masters; the records themselves are very scarce.

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It dates towhich Ian knows is true as it contained prints returned from films he exposed at the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review 28th June The scammers spend their day trolling the dating sites and chat rooms for contact emails, and then send off thousands of fraudulent letters and emails awaiting the victim's replies.

Now in my early twenties and armed with a new Pentax camera, I took a renewed interest in recording the changing railway scene, this time in colour as well as black and white.