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This was the ideal story for Studio Ghibli to put out as their first major motion picture release because it spans a variety of different genres while retaining the signature charm and essence of their brand. The movie also touches on themes of conquering your fears and to embrace all you are capable of, even if you are no bigger than a sewing needle.

The distributor, GKids, is screening both the original Japanese version, with subtitles, and a sensitively dubbed English-language version, with Star Wars: The Wind Rises Even though I did not place it as high as expected on this list, I still cannot deny the impressiveness of the picture.

Instead, it gracefully segues towards a deeper understanding of how these characters desire to transcend their simplistic lives. Best Of Studio Ghibli has been regarded as an animation powerhouse known the world-over for its unique stories, multi-faceted characters, and of course, stunning visuals.

At the very least, Miyazaki and Takahata were still able to continue developing and blossoming as artists for a good while, with the studio adopting new digital technology to supplement their hand-drawn animation and Only yesterday ghibli online dating their second phase of work.

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The gripping journey that the audience takes with the two main characters maintains a high level of suspense, leaving you breathless until a resolution can be reached. The movie is adapted from a book series of the same name by Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, and even she had her qualms about it.

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Complications arise when the daughter of the family, Arrietty, befriends a human boy, risking having their cover blown by people who want to capture them.

The English dub has top-notch performances by Dakota and Elle Fanning as Satsuki and Mei, respectively, with their natural chemistry practically emanating off the screen. Tales from Earthsea suffers from a convoluted plotline that viewers can get themselves easily lost in.

Heck, even I struggled to explain it accurately enough for this blog.

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Watch Pom Poko on Amazon 4. The premise of the film follows Prince Arren of Enlad as he joins forces with Archmage Sparrowhawk to defeat an evil presence that threatens to put them to an end.

Ocean Waves follows high school student Only yesterday ghibli online dating Morisaki as he falls into a complicated but uninvolving love triangle between his best friend Yutaka and a new transfer student named Rikako. Castle in the Sky At last, the movie that started it all, putting Studio Ghibli on the map of highly regarded animation companies and earning them their first distinct accolades.

Tales from Earthsea As I mentioned earlier, Hayao Miyazaki is responsible for some of the highest grossing anime films in all of history. Presented as a stylized comic strip with light watercolor backdrops, the Kennett mo dating is a slice of life comedy that details the everyday exploits of the Yamada family: Arrietty showcases the same yearning for independence and freedom that many young adults can relate to, wanting to branch out and explore promising new territory despite the dangers that lurk in every corner.

The juxtaposition between the bubbly animation style and the psychologically-heavy subject matter is an innovative technique that serves the plot well and softens the drama of some of the heavier scenes. What a lovely title for a story. Gifted with memorable scenes and visuals, Spirited Away is a beautiful tribute to traditional Japanese culture sure to bridge the gap between a lost past and an evolving future.

That day never came. Their slight, ephemeral presence in the film also speaks to the fleeting euphoria that creativity can adopt. I, too, will sing the praises of Spirited Away, but I do not regret putting it only at the 12th slot.

Ponyo Oh, Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo. Romance, adventure, drama, and nonstop action makes this a fundamental anime film to see if you are just familiarizing yourself with the medium.

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My favorite character from the bunch has to be Shige because even as an elderly woman, she is the snarky backbone to her dimwitted kin and often takes charge.

As the plot is based on the actual Japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutterit gives off an air of sacredness in the message of the story. It stupefies me how anyone in their right mind would find Rikako to be the ideal partner, as for the majority of the movie, she displays the personality of a soggy rice ball and insipidly insults Taku every chance they are together.

The movie follows sisters Satsuki and Mei as they move to the countryside with their professor father. Princess Mononoke Considered by most to be the magnum opus of Studio Ghibli, Princess Mononoke is no stranger to praise. It is probably the most aesthetically pleasing film on the entire list and doubles as a somber fairy tale memorializing the pursuit of happiness.

Only Yesterday isn't a new film - it was released in Japan 25 years ago. This literal fish-out-of-water tale is about a semi-anthropomorphic goldfish that finds her way to the surface and longs to fully immerse herself in the human world.

Out of jealousy, a witch turns Sophie into an elderly woman, with her only hope being that Howl can see through the spell and accept her for who she is.