Online dating scam: fraudsters pose as American soldiers - BBC News Online dating scam: fraudsters pose as American soldiers - BBC News

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Not all of them have lost cash but many have bought laptops, mobile phones and cameras, which they sent to addresses where the "soldiers" said they had friends. I will have to borrow that from my daughter as I do not have that much at present I am presently in Malaysia for my dad's burial,been having some difficulties lately.

Conversation went ok but he started to talk about wanting to take leave and us being to tether forever. Chase Bank have contacted me this morning and confirmed that this is a Phishing scam.

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SC-Bank seems to have a real person with the same name: It is standard for such sites to disclaim any responsibility for fake profiles that appear. Have you met someone from Nigeria or now in West Africa?

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HuffPost also found this page called Yahoo Boys, which Facebook has since removed. Western Union employees have even been accused of knowingly Online dating scams west africa in those scams.

The government has no way of knowing how much money Sunmola and his associates ultimately stole, the U. All services are strictly confidential. With professional agents, field investigators and support staff based in Lagos, Nigeria, Wymoo protects our global clients from fraud and Nigerian scams through expert international investigators.

A few had even purchased wedding dresses. We've seen similar versions of this message and want you to know it was not sent by Chase and it is a Phishing attack, designed to trick you into sharing personal information. Lottery scam via Facebook Hi, I was approached by a woman "Tisha A Glad" who said she worked for Facebook as their lottery winnings person and said that I had won 50, So savvy scammers use a virtual private network to hide their IP addresses.

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Can you see account accredited? Perhaps what they say is true: Here is the information where you are to get the money sent to via western union. Do I contact you at Facebook when I have done that?

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That is where you are going to transfer your winnings from into your own account. He said I had to send a request for fiance request form for him to get his leave.

His name is let. After he was indicted in the U. Rita but NOTE that am not doing it as official duty so you can only get to me and let me know if you want my help or not.