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I wanted to tell you a little more about our first stretch goal Spoonie Island is an idea created by our Village seed backer who wishes to remain anonymous. If you haven't stopped by our official " Why LFG?

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By offering players special partnership bonuses within the game, rewards, and whatever else, developers, crafty as ever, find new ways to skim a little more gravy off the top of of the meaty, delicious money-cake that is their playerbase.

Thank you guys we're really close! Chose a profession and complete tasks to level up in that profession.

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Frankly, I would love to be able to have some kind of combat advantage for my boyfriend and I while we plow through things, or special unlockable gear that enables us, when playing together, to cut an even more efficient and bloody swath through the droves of our enemies.

Strategy games turn you into a hero and sports games let you be an active player on the virtual field. Just pick the game you like and start playing directly in your browser. Why or why not?

Date NPCs or other players: Thank you guys soo much again for getting us funded! Create a unique character.

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You can customize your own house Online dating mmo farmland. The world of free browser games is huge and it keeps on growing! It truly would be romantic, now that I think about it.

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Welcome to LFG Dating! How strange is that?

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Anything that helps people connect and forms bonds is okay by me. For small amounts of money, you can buy virtual gaming items and bonuses that will help you reach your goals. Gather raw materials to craft unique items to sell on the player market, for quests, or to gift to players or NPCs for perks.

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Enough with the reading, start exploring and discover the amazing world of MMO games online! You can find thrilling war games, combat games, imaginative RPGs or fun horse games on our site.

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Form lasting friendships, or pursue a relationship with any single NPC of your choice through interactive and rewarding questlines!