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Matter of Bottom v. Natural Heritage Program Reference Files Reference files historical records, for the animal, plant and natural community records, procedures, management techniques, other states' programs.

Since records are confidential, they should be shredded when disposed of.

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Children who have not yet reached their twelfth birthday are deemed unable to consent to a sexual act under any circumstances. Buffalo Board of Education, AD2dNYS2d 4th Dept -- Union sought to prohibit Board from providing one of its members with names, home addresses, titles and salaries of all employees; Court held that although agency is not required to disclose home addresses, "it may, should it choose, grant access to information which is exempt from disclosure under FOIL".

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A person commits sexual abuse in the third degree when the person performs a sex act under any of the following circumstances Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, AD2dNYS3d 4th Dept -- Newspaper sought employee payroll, attendance and disciplinary records, including employee name, job title, charges brought, disposition of charges, penalty imposed, and level of adjudication; held that records sought are available, except portions containing "medical information or family situation which is not relevant to the work of the agency.

Natural Resource Damages Injury and damages assessment studies, cost documentation, and all others needed for litigation. Also, since the vast majority of records do not include racial, religious, or ethnic classifications and there is no set of search terms that would encompass the universe of responsive documents, the requests fail to reasonably describe records of the agency, and the terms are insufficient for the purposes of locating and identifying the documents sought.

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Commissioner's Policy Office - General Administrative and Correspondence Files Correspondence, briefing documents, reports, and other records related to carrying out and documenting the executive level decision and policy making of Policy Office staff.

Conservation Fund Advisory Board Files Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, travel vouchers, fiscal reports, and copies of annual reports.

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Federal Grant Records Division annotated copies of executed cooperative agreements covering federal grant projects, letter of credit and grant expenditure ledgers, financial workpapers, reports Dating rss feeds related documents.

See also Howard v. Great Lakes Fisheries Files Administrative materials, Great Lakes Fishery Commission reports and correspondence, regulation and legislative proposals, technical information relating to Great Lakes Fisheries, correspondence regarding Great Lakes Fisheries issues.

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Bianet counted 10 journalists convicted of defamation, blasphemy or incitement to hatred in Sportsman Education Instructor Card File Names, address, certification date, dates of classes held, number of students taught, refresher courses attended and other miscellaneous information regarding instructor.

WSRR Classification Files Files on river characteristics and values, programs from other states, applications and information on all hydroelectric projects proposed and regulations and guidelines for implementation of the Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers Act.

Ny state laws on dating a minor on toxics in fish flesh and environmental reviews of major projects.

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City of Yonkerspdf Supreme Court, Westchester County, March 17, -- Involved request for records concerning murder of labor leader that "was never solved, and the murder investigation remains open.

Under certain aggravating circumstances, the crime becomes a Class A felony.

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Board of Education of the City of New York v. Wetland Inventory Program Maps Maps for the biological wetlands inventory. These are exciting times to be active in coastal oceanography and in a department that has created a new degree directly related to these challenges.

Attorney for presentation to a Federal Grand Jury does not warrant dismissal of this action to compel production of the records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law", remitted to lower court to conduct in camera hearing after records returned to determine validity of claimed exemptions.

Inmate involved in an incident at correctional facility and sought records relating to the incident.

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Mustafa Cambaz, a photojournalist working for the daily Yeni Safak was killed during the coup. Original Fish Drawings Original fish drawings consisting of watercolor paintings depicting freshwater fish species inhabiting the State.

Training and Development Office - Course Registration Processing Records Individual Health and Safety training applications; summary of transactions and participant rosters. Brown, Supreme Court, Queens County, January 2, — Documents and photographs provided must be legible and clear copies.

The measures within the regime of emergency include the possibility to ban printing, copying, publishing and distributing newspapers, magazines, books and leaflets. If no objection was made, the Sultanate would then inspect them. Court cited Committee's regulations.