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Taking a relationship with a patient outside of the professional realm can be considered sexual misconduct and carry some serious consequences.

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Nurse practitioners should never date current patients. Some states in the United states have laws prohibiting sexual contact between caregivers, and their charges. A relationship that crosses professional boundaries can result in discipline from your employer or from your state's board of nursing.

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For nurse practitioners living in small communities Commitment phobia online dating, the NP may be the only provider available to provide medical care to friends and family.

The provider may be another in the same practice, but records should clearly indicate this patient is no longer under this particular nurse practitioner's care.

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The patient is very vulnerable, the nurse has access to personal information about the patient and the nurse has access to all of that information. Here are a few things for nurse practitioners to consider in determining the appropriateness of a romantic relationship with a patient: The acceptability of a romantic relationship with a former patient depends on the situation.

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If an NP catches a current patient swooning and is interested in reciprocating the sentiment, a relationship is not impossible, but should be carefully navigated. They have also disclosed very personal information within professional boundaries so any resulting personal relationship is seen as "unfair" or manipulative in the eyes of the law.

First, this patient must continue their medical care with another provider.

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He is in university with a bright future and such a wonderful and kind person who just had a little episode. Occasionally you will even hear of a nurse who marries a patient currently in his or her care.

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How data brings you better ad experiences We want to provide you with the best experience on our products. While I've never been on the receiving end of a romantic gesture from a patient I've been tempted to reciprocate, the situation does happen-more than you would think.

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Given the nature of the nurse practitioner-patient relationship, crossing professional boundaries can lead to some sticky interpersonal, not to mention legal, situations. Allowing some time to pass between the time the patient has been under the NP's care and the time the relationship becomes romantic is also necessary.

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Yahoo is now part of the Oath family. In some cases a relationship with a patient may even be in violation of criminal law. Looks like your cookies are disabled. The intimate nature of nursing care, both physical and emotional, can lead to a misunderstanding of feelings and relationships.

Once, a patient even went so far as to deliver a note asking me on a date to the front desk of the walk-in clinic where I was working at the time.

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Throughout my years as a nurse practitioner it has happened to me a time or two. Sign In to your account to avoid repeating this across your devices. Patients with psychiatric problems may be vulnerable. Although this is considered taboo in many cases, I know of a few nurses who have married former patients.