24 struggles you'll only understand if your dating life is nonexistent right now | Metro News 24 struggles you'll only understand if your dating life is nonexistent right now | Metro News

Nonexistent dating life, 2. and it’s making you ask some slightly dark questions about yourself

Plus, being "single" — by which everyone always means without spouse or serious significant other — doesn't mean you're not enjoying an active social life.

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But the solution to loneliness is counterintuitive: There is no downside to learning new things! Not necessarily, but it's not about choosing one or the other.

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Maybe it is a good idea to go to gatherings where you will meet like-minded people who like the same things you like. If only it were so simple.

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Then reach for some extra pie, because you're not on a wedding diet. Signing up for OkCupid, meeting friends of friends at a bar, reaching out to that old crush on Facebook — we're not limited anymore to sitting at home, waiting for someone to call.

Drawing near to God lays the foundation for your future relationship with a man.

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Tumblr "Wouldn't you rather have a family instead of a career when you get older? Be firm on this point, then reach for the green beans. You have to start finding ways to feel happy about your life now as it is. But you can calmly point out that these days, being single isn't that lonely of a status: We are so conditioned to basing how we feel on outside events.

You have to make peace with your single status.

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Then, visualize yourself in these encounters. We long to be. Sometimes, what we think we want in a person is really something different, or not as important as we deem it now.

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Anyone can do this—just start by looking at your own community! What makes the difference, studies have shown, is how serious you and your significant other are about the relationship; both being fully committed to a long-term future together bodes well.

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No one should be limited to one special person in their life.