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No validating sax parser implementation available, your answer

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Support for any other feature flags is entirely optional. You can also look at the error domain Dating zim its type directly: Note that only whitespace which is directly contained within element content that has an element only content model see XML Rec 3.

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All you have to do is use a parser that has DTD validation enabled: Additionally, some kinds of XML processing simply require having access to the entire document. The attribute type, one of "cdata", "id", "idref", "idrefs", "entity", "entities", "nmtoken", "nmtokens", "enumeration", or "notation"; default: Many parsers, for example, return separate text events for numeric character references.

XmlLite features a simple "pull" programming model with a stream-oriented XmlReader class.

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Nosenkofix win build Rob Richards Bug fixes: The Java implementation of SAX is considered to be normative. If this object represents an element in the content model expression, name is the name of the element, otherwise it is None; type: Return a list of attribute declarations.

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Again, no validation is performed unless explicitly requested. DocumentBuilder is created by the javax. Return an iterator over attribute declarations see below ; attributes: Not tested myself though. Refer to the Javadoc documentation of the Java package org.

It does not apply to EntityResolver.

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For default values not specified by SAX2, each XMLReader implementation specifies its default, or may choose No validating sax parser implementation available to expose the feature flag. The type of the node: By default the value of this is set to true Parameters: If you want the parser to succeed regardless of the outcome of the validation, you should use a non validating parser and run the validation separately after parsing the document.

There is not currently any support for error reporting during validation.

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All implementations that implement JAXP 1. However, if rnc2rng is installed, lxml 3. Schematron allows for selective validation of predefined pattern groups: Editors and browsers likewise need to be able to display, modify, and perhaps re-validate at any time.