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His date was more adventurous with her print dress, a sweet gold necklace with two charms and ombre colored hairstyle which Khloe Kardashian made popular last year. The incident with Vanessa makes her decide that she only wants to be friends with Joe, rather than be in a relationship.

It is also revealed that her mother taught her to play golf and her family only gives handmade gifts.

Joe tends to be goofier than Nick, but is not quite as quirky as Kevin.

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She is, however, an excellent seamstress, and once created a dozen girls' volleyball uniforms with very little notice. Much to Joe's chagrin, she often gives them preferential treatment in school, sometimes causing tension between the boys and other students.

He has many short-lived relationships, and his family has criticized him for falling in love too fast. However, he shows glimpses of profound thoughts and intellect, and sometimes comes up with genuinely good ideas.

It is revealed in a later episode that she has many brothers, and they are a big golfing family. Nick and Macy's relationship is eventually revealed, and by the end of the series, they are openly dating and happy with each other.

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Joe, 24, quickly denied it and Blanda took to Twitter to respond: He is usually nervous when famous people interview the band. Share 43 shares Armenian actress Angela has most notably portrayed Clementine Pennyfeather on the hit show Westworld, with the short film Pin-Up slated for a release.

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Joe and his Swiss squeeze have been dating for several months but have yet to comment publicly on their relationship While Nick's relationship with his beauty queen is rather new, Joe's romance with Blanda, 29, is well known.

Girl crazy and flirtatious, Joe will go to any length to get a girl to like him. Stella created an automated outfit selector called the StellaVator, and is constantly trying to adapt clothes to Jonas's hectic lifestyle. The former model turned graphic designer hails from Switzerland and has been seen holding the singer's hand often, so these two are obviously not shy about being outed as a couple.

Stella and Joe both know that they like one another, but don't date, as they don't want a potential breakup to ruin their friendship. He famously dated Kate Hudson for more inignoring their year age gap; seen in Tokyo Stars: In the episode "America's Sweethearts", Stella is jealous when Joe's producer asks him to kiss Vanessa.

She is also briefly his girlfriend on the show, until he breaks up with her because she dislikes Stella. When the brothers move to Los Angeles, Joe decides to spend his time exploring a career in acting and the film industry.

Macy is revealed to be tone deafso much so that, according to Stella, they once called Animal Control under the belief that Macy's singing was an injured manatee at a softball game. For now he has a bit of a break as his next tour stop isn't until September 20 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

All four sported dark sunglasses to keep the summer glare out of their eyes.

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Joe and Vanessa date, and Stella tries her best to not be jealous and spends time with Ben. Production[ edit ] The series was originally set in New Jerseybefore the setting changed to Los Angeles for the second season and was shot at Hollywood Center Studioswhich has also been the home to several other Disney Channel sitcoms over the years including The Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place.

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This different attitude and the appearance of her real personality intrigues Nick, who Nick jonas dating history 2016 falls for her. She doesn't want them to date rock stars, as she made the mistake of dating rock stars twelve times.

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He is more of a risk taker than his brothers. He is a main character in season 1. Nick is so proud of his new relationship with Miss Universe that he posted an Instagram photo of them together, along with the rest of the gang, at the tennis game.

Nick tries to please Macy by making her a mug for their one-month anniversary. While hiking with Macy, she meets a boy named Ben, whom she goes out with, much to Joe's disappointment.