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Yeah that is an asterisk. Inthree months after a gorilla named Harambe was fatally shot at the Cincinnati Zoo when a boy fell into the animal's enclosure, the internet predictably suggested that a newborn gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo be named after the fallen ape.

He had hoped the name would garner "global attention" and, to some degree, it worked. Alas, my daughter shall not be named WackyTaco A win-win for everyone, including the whale with the splashy new name. It was ultimately named Citizens Square. Earlier this year, an Australian boat that had purportedly been named " Ferry McFerryface " by the public got swept up in a political scandal when the transport minister revealed he had ignored the popular vote in choosing McFerryface.

There were conditions, though. We will ultimately be making the final decision.

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Users of Reddit and other sites soon discovered the contest and threw their support behind Splashy, and the rest is history.

May 30, iStock Boaty McBoatface is the little vessel that could—and did—change the internet.

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Lee Elementary School, should be consigned to history. Indeed, one school in Austin, Texas, nearly shared a name with the WWE champion in when the district decided that its Confederate-inspired name, Robert. Trump Elementary," the most popular choice. Inenvironmental group Greenpeace solicited name suggestions for one of the endangered humpback whales it had tagged.

As the suggestions started to roll in, they went from bad to worse. In an addendum to the online poll on the website NameMyDaughter, the father wisely wrote: Fortunately for BC Ferries, the rules stipulated that the winner be chosen by the company New dating site launched for wine lovers not by popular vote.

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Some commuters, who were less than pleased with recent fare increases, used the poll to voice their distaste. Plus, the publicity surrounding the contest convinced the Japanese government to call off its hunt.

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Unfortunately, internet, I know better than to trust you. Mountain Dew apologized for the "compromised" promotion and quickly shut it down. While this event didn't start the trend of trolling public naming contests, it arguably encouraged the practice. In a public naming contest launched by the district, "John Cena" was one of several suggestions that trailed behind "Donald J.