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Ino sufre las consecuencias.

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Their relationship was strictly platonic and mostly entailed business. If a person fuels chakra into it, a moment from their future will be projected for them to see!

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Kiba had gathered all of the Rookie Nine plus Team Gai into his living room. A cause d'une pierre by Kirino reviews Le talent et la puissance ne font pas tout chez les ninjas, il faut aussi de la chance.

Temari rolled her eyes in response. A story of honor, love, trust. Whatever will be will be. Sighing again, he lifted his eyes towards the ceiling.

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Sakura, who had found herself sitting next to Lee and Naruto, was yelling at Naruto for some reason, while he sheepishly sat next to Tenten.

Pero estaba muy equivocado. Isn't Kiba your friend or something? In the process of rewriting chapter 9 Rated: A story of growing up. Temari cocked an eyebrow at the boy sitting next to her.

It take place in an alternate universe where Naruto, Neji, Kiba, Choji, and Shikamaru successfully bring Sasuke back, while Tayuya surrendered to the Hidden Leaf, and become a ninja of the Hidden Leaf.

I'm sorry, but Temari does kind of have you wrapped around her finger.

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I know it's not much yet, but please review! Just a little intro to what I hope will be a fun story. Choji sat on Ino's other side, munching on chips. Shino quietly sat in between him and Sai, who smiled creepily at Lee, who was once again babbling about youth.

I guess I'm going to say that this takes place during Shippuden, but before Pein invades Konoha.

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Kiba had even invited Temari, who had happened to be in Konoha. In a world of grey by Milady Hokage reviews In a world full of grey, Sasuke's brother has found his soulmate when he was 12 and Sasuke is already 22 now with noone. I'm telling you, this thing shows the future! I don't own Naruto. Stay With Me by kizukahyuga reviews bagaimana jika kau bertemu salah satu anggota boy group yang sangat terkenal dijepang?.

I'm missing my late-night Ichiraku run!

Ino stifled a giggle. What does she see in him?

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Everyone looked on confusedly. T - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: She blushed in answer. I had even planned to just make it a separate oneshot, but this fic is quickly becoming a monster!

Todos saben quien es ella, pero se niegan a creerlo y callan. Maybe always mean nothing. On to the story! Hinata was afraid of what she might see, so she asked Temari, along with all the Leaf kunoichi, to Naruto and tenten dating fanfiction along. This is a story where Naruto and Tayuya becomes sworn sibling.

They all sat on the floor in a big circle. A lot of angst and fluff Rated: