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According to the website RadarOnline, Gonzalez has been arrested in the past for spousal battery and drug possession - although Suleman told the site she had no idea of this when she agreed to make the video. Some of you guys seriously need a dose of reality. And just because you are loud and have a strange laugh-maybe thats how you handle stress.

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Suleman, who has 14 children, recently celebrated the second birthday of her octuplets Advertisement. Thumbs up Nadya, you do what you have to and let the others know you messed up but are trying to fix whatever mistakes you made.

At one point, Suleman is seen giving the man milk from a baby's feeding bottle However reports last week suggested that she could face investigation by social workers in Orange County, California, for filming the video at her home - and admitted that she was fearful of the consequences.

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She already had six children but decided to go ahead with the multiple births, recently admitting to Oprah Winfrey that she was a 'baby addict'.

Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman has banned Octomom from his bouts after she allegedly broke an opponent's hand in a pillow fight in Philadelphia and failed to show up for another fight in Florida. I would much rather struggle raising them alone than get any help from either of them.

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I am a disabled, single, single-parent of 3 children, the dads are both deadbeats both running from the law and I have done the DNA and had the state handle it. They show Suleman, dressed in a dominatrix outfit of black corset top and leggings, whipping a grown man dressed in a nappy. She faces foreclosure on her Californian home after failing to meet monthly payments despite efforts to turn her fortunes around with an array of half-baked schemes.

Octomom and Cassandra Andersen at a pre-fight weigh in Share or comment on this article: Other photos show the subject of her whipping, who is also Nadya suleman dating website a bonnet on his head, being cradled by Suleman as she feeds him milk from a baby's bottle.

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Good God, she is the one raising them. Most watched News videos. The celebrity fight promoter, who is currently trying to organise prize fight between Chris Brown and Drake after their tussle in a New York nightclub in July, also claims that his company has been losing deals because of their association with the Californian who famously gave birth to octuplets in January Suleman added that she regrets her involvement in the video - saying that she thought it was meant to be light-hearted.

Suleman, 35, hit the headlines when she gave birth to eight children in one pregnancy in You gotta do what you gotta do.

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Yes, it sucks she has all these kids but believe me its not easy and she goes thru this daily and it will only get worst. Using a personal donation website called GoFundMe. The video is believed to have been filmed in her Los Angeles home and features the man - identified as LA radio personality David Gonzalez - receiving large welts on his back from the force of the beating.


The mother of 14 agreed to dress as a busty dominatrix and whip a grown man dressed up as a boy for a grubby film shot in her own house. Suleman has set up a website and even held a yard sale in September to drum up funds but this appears to be her worst idea yet to cash in on her celebrity.

None of these people on here are without sin. Suleman pictured with Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman Nadya has taken a multifaceted approach to making money recently, trying her hand at boxing, stripping, starring in an adult film star and recording an album.

Other scenes from the video see the man, sucking on a giant baby's dummy, in a play house Although she has appeared in the video, she has in the past turned down requests from the adult film industry to star in porn movies, or to pose nude in Playboy, and has said that she would never star in an adult film just to pay her mortgage.

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We cannot judge her. I have had to go to court so much they know me by name.

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Who knows what was going thru her mind.