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The nuts in the bowl jump up. I think Dunkirk was a shit movie. I remind him how small he was. He orders a whisky. We catch up on old days.

A few days later, I walked into the Pool Restaurant 30mins before my 6pm appointment with Joe, and stationed myself on one of those awkward seats at the bar, my back to the swimming pool. Strangers in bed, as it were. The guy whose door people knock and stick their heads and ask what they should do.

When my chicken wings come he says maybe he will have one but then he has two because who says no to chicken wings? I had told him that he would identify me by my watch; round face, orange in colour, blue, white and orange strap. Every time I would travel abroad after that, I would look for a gay bar.

He looks like a straight man having his whisky straight with another straight guy. He can snap if he wants to. He felt lighter at that moment. I guess I left before anything happened.

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I think I might have chicken for lunch. Am I gay or bi because I sometimes want to sleep with a man? Is it even possible?

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Those girls who hug with their eyes closed tight. Naturally we talk about whisky, then we talk about work, then we order another round and he removes his jacket and drapes it over the backrest. You know what I mean? A snappy breeze lashed at me. But look at me, sneaking out of town for therapy.

There was no way anyone I know would run into me there. But at the same time, a apart of my likes it….

It came from a fake email address, created for anonymity. He comes over and we shake hands vigorously. He leads her to the sitting area at the wall opposite where we are. If so, drop me an email on biko bikozulu.

The cat, or the elephant, no, cat is out.

I think Chinese dating nyc gets here; you question your life, you question your career and your relationships, you question your purpose and your successes and you scrutinise your failures closely, maybe a little more closely than necessary [chuckles and sips his drink].

But I need to know what this is about upfront.

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Or wondering if I really want to be an owl or might be better off as a duck. Sometimes you might think you have a poker face kumbe you look diarrheic. Nobody needs a superwoman.