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Every evening, wine tastings are offered to guests accompanied with a lecture by a sommelier. Interview with Aaron about gay life in Peru 1 Buenos dias Aaron, where are you from and what do you do? Check out the iconic Philip Stark designed horse lamps in the reception area for example.

Cine Private is located at Convencion Aaron gave us the lowdown of what gay life is like in Peru and what it was like growing up gay in big city Lima.

Cain is located at Cerro Largo at Arenal Grande and opens only on Friday and Saturday evenings from midnight to 7am. Mario Testino is probably the most well known internationally.

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The main 3 gay bars and clubs in Montevideo are Chains, Il Tempo and Cains, but there are a few others worth a visit. I also had cousins who would mock me because I never had a girlfriend and would pressure me about not getting married.

Ricardo Moran is a famous writer and director who famously came out during the Civil Union debates in March The famous logo of La Pasiva leaves little to the imagination Other gay friendly restaurants worth checking out are La Cocina de Pedro and Francis.

The next event is on September and will be in Punta del Este. My big dream is to one day make a gay Peruvian version of Hairspray!

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This is the place to come for romantic and very extravagant dinner. My friends always knew I was gay and never had any issues with it. It started in the s when only turned up. He is not openly gay, but we think he may be. As with the gay scene of Buenos Aireseverything starts late here.

Read more about it on Tripadvisor. Growing up, you always hear horror stories on the news of gay guys being rejected by their very Catholic families or being beaten up for holding hands with their boyfriend in public.

Coming out to my family, however, was more difficult and it caused a big drama for a couple of days when I told them.

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When I was young I would get mocked because I was in the school choir and would also hang out with girls. He also cooked with Ellen live on her show. Punta Pride is less about the politics and more about beach party fun. Now we are cool and everyone is completely accepting of me.

Holiday Inn hotel room in Montevideo To find out more, check out our 10 cool gay friendly hotels in Uruguay. Il Tempo is the most popular gay club in Montevideo, with hilarious drag shows.