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The thing I have noticed in the reloading data for various calibers is that H has lower pressure at a comparable or increased velocity when compared to other powders and loads listed. Prvi Partizan gr Bullet Waters always did 5 shots.

Any method that helps determine pressures is certainly worth pursuing, but my experiences measuring case head expansion has demonstrated erratic results and I prefer to use other measurements. If you can't figure out why, explanation is futile. If your subject matter Mn dating forums related to relationships, health or money, there are pages already for those subjects.

I have read of the rim expansion method as an indirect way of determining pressure in the case.

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It would seem that any measure that allows for the greatest variation in measurements from low to high pressures would be most useful. Shoots minute of electric fan motor with a wobbly rest against the tree, at about 75 yards. Anyway, what this means is that before you can get the Speer going fast enough to do good on game the Speer engineers tell me it has to be somewhat faster than the fps I get with the x53Rpressure signs begin to show up on the case.

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Do buy yourself an inexpensive but reliable floor pump with an analogue gauge. Finally, I am shooting point blank, which is a good thing as all sights are fixed, just like the original V-sight.

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Even though the lines and numbers only give you 0. I set the Chrony brand unit up approx 20 feet from the muzzle and low and behold I did NOT shoot the thing.

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Feel free to post in the truckers forums about almost anything you want to chat about that is relavent. Consistency puts the meat in the freezer, if I want more horsepower, I go to something designed to kick big, like the.

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I'm looking forward to getting a scope on this rifle. It is a very simple matter to measure cases It'll also aid comfort without too much of a tradeoff in increase rolling resistance.

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D] Here are a few of my targets from yesterday The gurus of reloading state that the pressures at this flattening point rise dramatically with increasing amounts of powder, despite the fall in velocity gained as more powder is added.

Accuracy was very impressive.

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Yes I know, go ahead and shake your head. Who knows, but it just goes to show that merely picking a load from a book can be a dangerous practice.

I could be totally Open relationship online dating. Got questions or comments for truckers about their actions or the industry in general or specific give it to em!

Still no external visible signs of pressure.

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For top end loads, I Mn dating forums a strain gage outfir, but usually am not at all interested in going stratospheric.