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When I told my doctor about my sleeping problems, he prescribed me with diazepam. Pauline became hooked on taking one painkiller after another As we chatted, I felt self-conscious but tried to be confident. My husband suspected I had a problem.

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By then, my husband had abandoned trying to reason with me, and often bluntly called me a 'druggie'. My life was non-existent and I rarely went out, save to pick up tablets.

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He immediately stopped my prescriptions and, at first, I felt relief. Uniformed security personnel rounded up obvious-looking bumsters, shaved off their dreadlocks and began routinely patrolling the tourist areas along the coast.

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I made contact with Barbara through a social networking site where I had discovered women exchanging details about long-distance romances with men in Jamaica. Deep inside, I knew I had an addiction problem and I decided to try going to a counsellor in Bristol.

I went to my GP.

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It all seemed so simple - to get the drugs I needed, I simply made a ten minute visit to my GP. By18 months after I started taking prescription painkillers, I was a changed person.

I was falling into a cycle of taking one drug to do one thing and another to counter its effect. It turned my blood cold.

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If I was having withdrawal symptoms, that would mean I was an addict, which in my mind, especially having been the sort of person who looked down on drug addicts, I most definitely wasn't. Michael, a lecturer in aviation, and I got on brilliantly, but I was aware he'd be horrified if he knew the full truth about me.

InI changed my doctor and he was horrified when he saw what I was taking. Recently, I told my Middle class dating uk I would like to come off my medication, but he couldn't tell me how. If I had never taken prescription drugs, I would be a better mother, I would still be working and I would still be the sociable person I once was.

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But the women travelling for sex and love are not being deterred, and nor are the impoverished young men who have only their own bodies to sell. I was drawn and grey, and I looked ill, almost like the faces I associated with addicts taking illegal drugs. I was on the island during spring break and Negril was thronged with young, conventionally attractive, bikini-clad female students — but the beach boys paid no attention to them at all.

Share this article Share Untilthe only drugs I'd ever taken were paracetamol.

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Two days later, I went back and saw a different doctor, who said I should never have been allowed to go cold turkey, and the shock of stopping instantly could have killed me. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition where a person experiences chronic pain in their muscles and ligaments, and was prescribed with painkillers co-codamol and tramadol.


Over the following six months, my tolerance to the drugs steadily increased. I made excuses not to see friends. And even though I did try, I managed to sink only deeper into my addiction. But I find it hard to imagine a time when I won't be a slave to the pills that were supposed to help me.

He even said he liked my accent. But as I sat there and listened to him tell me to steadily cut down on the amount I was taking, I felt completely despondent.

The beach boys Regina and emma fanfiction dating my professor met in Negril were all desperately poor and vulnerable, yet outwardly confident and hyper-masculine at the same time.

Two days before coming home I ran out of painkillers and, within a day, I was vomiting and shaking. He pleaded with me to cut back on the pills and told me he was worried that I might die.

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The first sign that I had lost the choice to stop taking my prescription came six months later, while I was on holiday in Turkey. The reality of sex tourism is very different.