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Whether Microsoft has got its priorities right here is questionable. Where we contact you If you use several email addresses or phone numbers, tell us which is the right one to get you info about your Microsoft account.

Rather than someone who enjoys a knockabout with their mates. Quickly renew and manage every service that keep you connected and productive.

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Cancellation Changed your mind about a subscription? Plenty of fitness choice You can enjoy a lot of different types of exercise with the Band 2. Connect with your family anywhere Jump on a group video call, or send a quick message to everyone in the family chat that's set up and waiting for you.

Payments Your order history page shows every past purchase and details. Security Make your password stronger, or change it if you think someone else knows it.

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Perhaps one for the Band Having to dig out your phone every time you wanted to skip a track was a total drag.

Sure, this fitness band has its flaws, but you can just about live with them and feel all the better for it.

Check its Reset Protection status and start clean. Maybe third time lucky?

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If you need to stop auto-renewal, get a refund, or cancel, get it done in just a few clicks. Are you ready to get started?

Paying for subscriptions Update or switch a payment option, or add a new way to pay for a subscription. Devices Find lost devices If you lose one of your devices or think someone stole it, locate, ring, lock, and erase it.

I especially like its tactile metal clasp, which is great for twiddling about with in moments of idle-minded distraction.

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It's fun, simple, and free. Although this device can help you with your golf swing the only way to record your weekly five-a-side match or knockabout on a tennis court is as a generic activity.

Update your payment options Update your credit card info, add new ways to pay for stuff, or remove old payment options from your account. This is how you'll prove you're you if you ever forget your password. Review your location data See and clear location data that we collect when you use Microsoft products and services.