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In the video above, Moore shows the 60 Minutes team robots that could assist humans in military operations, disaster response scenarios, and fields that range from archeology to domestic service.

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Up until that point, he said he was convinced it was the responsibility of the province. Some even went on tours from the sky, as one of the Typical dating site bio in town was also a pilot.

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In all, the town of 8, is home to 18 family doctors. She sought out jobs for the doctors' spouses, making sure they had individual tours connected to their employment.

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Katayun Treasurywala and her husband, Dr. John Grace says he can't imagine what would have happened to health care in Goderich if the town didn't actively try to recruit doctors.

One challenge for robots is mastering human dexterity, like gripping and picking up cups CBS News Moore concedes that roboticists and A.

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Gwen Devereaux, a former nurse, had been hired as a physician recruiter. There were also private donations from residents, many bigger than the town council expected.

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But those in the southwestern Ontario town say it is the result of a tremendous community effort. She got written guarantees that their children would have a space in daycare.

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Carnegie Mellon is developing this autonomous tank, known as a land tamer, to work with the Army CBS News One of the projects the 60 Minutes team saw at Carnegie Mellon is an autonomous tank called the Land Tamer, which can operate without human intervention on the battlefield.

He says the first thing people wanted to know when moving to town was if they could get a family doctor. Devereaux took on the role of matchmaker, introducing him to the woman he would eventually marry. Army sponsored a test run of the vehicle last year that demonstrated how Land Tamer could be dropped into dangerous situations -- by a self-flying helicopter, no less -- and then achieve its mission on the ground independently, without putting soldiers in harm's way.

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It had become a great issue. Deb Shewfelt, former mayor of Goderich, was also a real estate agent. That was a real turning point," said Grace, who led the campaign. If you don't have a family doc, you're at the back of the line," Grace said.

And it's a future where A. But don't expect robots to replace humans too quickly. The mayor's tour It was then up to Devereaux to find the doctors.

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Feb 20, 5: But he's optimistic that A. Her role was so significant, the pair said they would have named the baby Gwen — if their first child hadn't been a boy. Paul Gill, drove to Goderich, Ont.