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The prospect of difficult, time-costly data transfers can be very off-putting for clients, especially if the data has to be manipulated between applications. In addition to making sure each touch point is as simple as possible, always ensure that you have the ability to easily educate and support your attendees if they need it.

Quell fears of a steep learning curve: Implementing Matchmaking crm software increments and with the right people is key. Obviously, there are many benefits of comprehensive tools that help you manage everything in one place and that gives the peace of mind that if a piece of data is updated in one place, this is reflected everywhere, without manual intervention.

Make sure to investigate support options and integration with other tools.

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SVIA provides a broad range of events and services that enable our members and the industry to tap into that ecosystem and contribute to its value and growth.

Make sure your client knows what to expect when it comes to learning a new platform or technology. While eventtech is largely used to generate more marketing and sales opportunities, by no means can eventtech be reduced just to these areas.

Venue Evaluation Virtual tours, 3D plans, virtual event planning, room layouts and reviews all assist with the shortlisting process, even before you can physically visit the venues.

Each of these steps takes even more time and you need to be prepared for a learning curve. Intelligent event management systems can enable flight information and hotel confirmations to be emailed and automatically populate the details against each name, without requiring any manual input from the event planner.

Requiring registration in advance helps you be more of a connector. Also if the problems associated with the tech solutions are more than the benefits, you may want to pass. Before requesting venue proposals, be clear in exactly what you are looking for; what things are essential and which are compromisable or 'nice to haves'.

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That branding will be applied to web, presentation, proposals, videos and webinars, blogs, white papers, studies, and events. If you have a number of events coming up which you would be happy to place in one venue, discuss the options for placing the business with them and the bulk discount they could offer in return.

Use a platform to manage flights and transfers to and from venues. This is specifically true of any category or tool aimed at internal processes.

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Venues And Destinations Destination and Venue Selection Venue selection is more than just ticking boxes in terms of room capacities and costs. These new models will rely extensively on big data, advanced analytics and AI, Cloud and SaaS based platforms and components, real time contextual engagement with the insured and the environment they are in through the digital ecosystems and devices surrounding them.

Unclear objectives can lead to over-excitement and early adoption of inappropriate technologies or technophobia and an unwillingness to try new tools. They will play a key role in helping members and the lab define innovation initiatives and the strategic and at the product or service level.

Cashless Transactions Some smart badges, passes, wristbands and Matchmaking crm software rings can be used for cashless payments and transactions.

This centralized data can then be used across other eventtech, such as within the event app and to segment and personalize email communications. Remove the burden of over-complication: These are very valid starting points for your process mapping stage — sometimes they are all you need.

Use Tech to Shortlist the Perfect Venues: For example, if you are using technology to create a more efficient check-in process then you might measure the check-in times or how long people have to line-up.

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As well as the environmental impact, this buddying system can enable new connections, even before they reach the venue. Yes Download link will appear after clicking send. Badges can be triggered to automatically print on demand at the point of arrival to reduce unnecessary printing and waste and to save time and the setup space required at registration.

During a walk around, point the iPad around the venue to look at the spaces with different setups and production from previous events. On the other hand, less experienced event planners will discover that mapping all the tasks in the process can give a much clearer visual way to proceed.

Move somewhere else if your software is old or does not keep up with changes. Use an online venue search and RFP tool to select your next event venue Start with a very specific list of venue requirements, e. Stop It Now The modern meeting planner has to be adept at using technology to manage, promote and support their events.

Perhaps most importantly, calculate the total cost of implementation.

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By thinking through your whole event you can easily identify areas of opportunity to implement technology that almost certainly will deliver value to attendees. Some tools even allow live updates to share precisely where in the schedule everything is up to and notify team members outside of the plenary room how long until the session wraps up, for efficient show management.