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The two cause cans of tomatoes to explode, spewing their contents about the store, which justifies their closing it for the Matchmaking booth and heading to the city. Vandergelder by disguising themselves as women and dancing towards the door.

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Horace Vandergelder, a wealthy but miserly merchant from Yonkers, New Yorkhas hired her to find him a wife, but unbeknownst to him Dolly is determined to fill the position herself. The pair are forced to hide however, when Mr. Vandergelder still realizes that Irene is hiding people in her shop though he doesn't know who and leaves in disgust.

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Though Dolly and Irene cover up for them, Mr. Vandergelder's wallet which the diner believes Cornelius dropped. Horace realizes that Dolly tricked him and that there is no such person as Ernestina Simple.

Realizing how foolishly he's been acting, he agrees to marry Dolly as well. When he expresses his intent to travel to New York City to woo milliner Irene Molloy, Dolly shows him the photograph of a woman she calls Miss Ernestina Simple and tells him the buxom beauty would be a far better choice for him.

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The next day, Dolly and Cornelius pretend to be setting up a store of their own across the street from Mr. Horace agrees to have dinner with Ernestina at the Harmonia Gardens after visiting Irene. Irene furiously demands that Cornelius and Barnaby repay her by taking her Matchmaking booth the shop assistant Minnie out to a fancy restaurant for dinner Dolly had led her to believe that the men were secretly members of high society.

Vandergelder and Dolly arrive.

Cornelius worries over how to pay for the meal until a well-meaning diner gives him Mr. Plot[ edit ] Set inthe story focuses on Dolly Gallagher Levi, a widow who supports herself by a variety of means, with matchmaking as her primary source of income.

The two men escape being caught by Mr. Frightened by the competition, Horace gives the shopkeepers better working hours and wages. Over the course of the evening, Irene and Cornelius fall in love as Barnaby falls for Minnie.

Before going, they leave the two women a note confessing who they really are and that they love them.