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Throughout the entire conversation between the three of them, while Ki Joon never said anything, I think it was a combination of working through his own emotions and the fact that Yoon Joo was right there.

Yes, it was real. He thinks back to his past with Yoon Joo and his present with Ah Jung. Sang Hee arrives and sits down to join the conversation. He asks himself that. He finally stands up to her beating, telling her that he cheated on her on purpose, and did it in a way that Ah Jung would find out.

Yoon Joo says that Sang Hee is fine now.

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Ina madame seeks volunteers at her brothel to work an upcoming event that will be attended by Colonel Eli McCullough. Ah Jung crumbles up the paper and leaves. His fever has cooled, so she puts on another compress and gets up to leave.

Turns on a dime. Ah Jung walks home, stopping to sit on a bench and castigate Ki Joon. Ah Jung looks at it and smiles. At the department store, So Ran sees Yoon Joo walk into an elevator and she rushes to get into the same elevator. The lie — done and over with, as meaningless in its reveal as it was in its inception.

Eli claims not to have seen the shooter. Yoon Joo looks weirded out that this woman keeps looking at her. Ah Jung heads to her work gathering, where she proceeds to drink herself into oblivion. Prairie Flower asks Toshaway to look for Eli.

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Jae Bum tells her to be better to her dad. I know I, along with a good portion of the folks newly addicted to LTM, am projecting somewhat when we watch the developing love story between Ki Joon and Ah Jung. Ah Jung freaks out and waves Ki Joon Matchmaking adelaide. She leaves, and So Ran seethes in frustration.

But he ends up not sending any of the texts.

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He tells her to stay home and rest, but she says that she misses him. Which performance were you most impressed by? Prairie Flower confronts Old Warrior about the Marriage without dating recap ep 8 and declares that she wants to marry someone else.

Were you blindsided by the big death? He smiles to himself. They take the elevator up together, and she asks him about Sang Hee. I love Chyler and I love the character of Lexie Grey.

She smiles and gets all nervous.

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He sees coins in the stream and starts hoarding them. The group heads to a noraebang, where drunk Ah Jung sings a depressing ballad.