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Let me parse through her relationship with the major characters as I discuss how brilliantly the author Tong Hua was able to weave a love story into real historical annals of the 9 Prince Battle. She is about to be assigned to clean the office of the new hotel president the hotel was purchased by the Tian Yu Group last weekwho is rumored to be exacting, demanding, and cold.

The Chinese phrase would be fated to fall in love, destined to never be together. They drink their wine, but the expression of discomfort and awkwardness hovers over their every move.

She finds out from her supervisor that the new boss is young and handsome. She was the one who told 8th Prince to be wary of 4th Prince, which caused 8th Prince to single out 4th Prince as his main rival. I also applaud the writer for not writing any character with black and white, making situations and misunderstandings and mistrust the root of all conflict.

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Some drama-related fun facts first: He knew she loved him at one point, but he could never make it work between them. Yello suck on them! Once she accepted her fate to stay in that time, she lived her life with purpose and integrity, keeping her 21st century beliefs while adjusting herself little by little to survive in that era.

Ruo Xi ultimately dies in the arms of 14th Prince, who cradles her in the garden under a sea of cherry blossoms. What were each of us thinking that night, do you remember? Up to episode 10 of the drama, Ruo Xi has already spent a few years in the Qing Dynasty. What a great first episode — fast, logical, and the main characters are immediately fleshed out with a few great scenes.

He recites the love letter something about such a surprising meeting leaving an indelible impression and such flowery languageand then hands it to her along with all the presents. Ruo Xi sees her sister worried about meeting her beloved in the after life when she is still the wife of 8th Prince in name, so Ruo Xi begs 8th Prince to divorce Ruo Lan and free her from her marriage vows.

Luckily for Yello, she decides to call in her coach to see if he can help her out and this lucky guy is more than willing to play ball--that is, having naughty Ms. Initially reluctant to accept his feelings, once she decides to love him back, she tries to change his fate.

She cannot make another mistake, because his rule is perfection and cleanliness. She tells Yun Jie to stop being such jerk and let her clean it up, since her new boss is a real stickler for cleaniness.

He clearly has a second sibling syndrome, always living under the shadow of his older and more capable brother and a successful father. He had responsibilities and agendas that he could never discount, yet Ruo Xi similarly could not accept that he could be so cruel in dealing with his enemies.

The set-up is simple: He tells her that she is harassing him, and that he will never ever fall in love with her.

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And this ironic truth is a major Muslim dating free site why Ruo Xi decides to leave the palace and 4th Prince. Ming Yu and 10th Prince have become adorable bickering spouses who have grown to love each other.

In the days before her death, Ruo Xi knows her time is near. Ruo Xi finds herself becoming aware that her brother-in-law the 8th Prince appears to be developing feelings for her.

While 13th Prince was her platonic soulmate and 14th Prince her white knight, in the end, it was 4th Prince who had her heart that she left behind when she left the palace. Yong Yong takes a picnic basket and heads to an orphange, where she is welcomed warmly by the director and kids.

Ruo Xi delights the Emperor, reminding him of a favorite daughter of his who has been married off. Ruo Xi confesses to 4th Prince and 13th Prince the truth, that she is the inadvertent cause of everything that happened. You are a cold cold man, Xian Yun Jie. Lo and behold, surprises may catch one off guard, but it never fails to delight from the unexpected.

So remember, when anyone asks you about Yello, you tell them the truth--she's got serious fucking game!