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Whatever the case may be, Itsuki's bond with Kyon could be seen as a fumbled attempt at a bromance or an actual romance slowly developing.

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He also throws an arm around Dante to pull him close and worries about a female comrade, claiming to know a lot about the female heart, and hugging her when he finds her. She doesn't seem to have been dating girls though, but perhaps that was simply because only guys confessed to her.

C Schneider and Wakabayashi from Captain Tsubasaespecially in the Road to TV series where Schneider has borderline feminine looks and there's a whole episode dedicated to showcase their thoughts on each other. She also is very appreciative of Nina when she hit on her and chased Meirin around once because she wanted to dress her up and make her cuter.

He, like every first-string performer, referred to Baron Kelvin as "Father", because Baron Kelvin took him off the streets of the East End as a child and raised him in addition to providing artificial limbs.

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Rock Dating club in noida Balalaika, particularly during the Tokyo Arc. He is the only son in his family, and has seven sisters.

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However, the official relationship chart for the second season states that he may be interested in Maya. The Case Study of Vanitas: After the truth of the events were revealed by Ciel and Sebastian, Sebastian threatens him to keep the true murderer's identity Charles GreyCiel's status as the Queen's Watchdog, and Sebastian's true demonic nature in secrecy.

Wei Wang, ming yan and Chen Wu. He is generally a mild-tempered man and was protective over Irene during their relationship. Taylor's law for Human Linguistic Sequences. Learning Translations via Images: Juneki Hong and Liang Huang.

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His identity as a rogue Grim Reaper was not revealed until later within the series, where he admitted that he was behind the resurrection of corpses known as the Bizarre Dolls.

In spite of this, Soma understood her reasons, and genuinely apologized and thanked her for everything she had done for him.

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Although he is condescending and slightly devious, he is dutiful to his fag responsibilities, and grants praise to those who deserves it. She then threatens Jane to make her sexual partner if she tried to rope Rock into an orgy.

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He also comments on Joanne's looks and gets very excited when he looks at Edward in the behind the scenes episode and sees flowers and Bishie Sparkle. Keisuke Sakaguchi and Benjamin Van Durme. She invades Orihime's personal space, shares her doughnuts with her; they end up sharing a bed when recovering and secretly appreciates Orihime crying for her.

Exploring Semantic Properties of Sentence Embeddings.

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Elizabeth is pretty much an Official Couple with Ciel as they are happily engaged to be married, and is implied to be turned on in the behind the scenes episode for season II when she watches Ran Mao treat Meirin in an intimate and flirtatious manner.

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Arturo Argueta and David Chiang. After some time, they decided to start a circus, and Wendy and Peter formed the trapeze Mao and daisuke dating.

Global Encoding for Abstractive Summarization. Revy acts as a Clingy Jealous Girl to Rock and once hinted at a possible past sexual experience playing the man's role to a group of women while in prison.

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Eyes are the Windows to the Soul: