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Southern manners and liberal politics. Lovely, lively Boston-area retiree seeks her man! Ideally her background would be Scandinavian, British, South African, American or Australian and she should be energetic, sporty and cosmopolitan. Delight in an exceptional dating experience with lovely, intelligent, joyful women He should be interested in philanthropy and travel and possess a worldly, spontaneous and open-minded spirit.

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Our client is a charismatic, international and educated entrepreneur based in New York in his 40s. You must live an examined life, be a reader, appreciate great food, and demonstrate integrity and tenderness in your relationships.

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For some publications, the cover date may not be found on the coverbut rather on an inside jacket or on an interior page. Click photo to view this ad at full size Smiling blue eyes vibrant, trim, ageless professional.

Blond, fit, pretty Washington, D.

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This is not necessarily the true date of publication the on-sale date or release date. Find a meaningful relationship. Fun-loving, 58 years young, Jewish reform widow.

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Click photo to view this ad at full size Blues Match. Inquire on our website form.

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Multi-degreed, accomplished Harvard alumna, attractive and congenial. Click photo to view this ad at full size The Right Time Consultants. Monthlies such as National Geographic Magazine are generally dated a month ahead, and quarterlies are generally dated three months ahead.

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Important that he lives his life with integrity, kindness and appreciates the arts. Curious, good-humored woman seeks man for fun, adventure, and frolic.

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There are two reasons for this discrepancy: I am an accomplished, "no-nonsense" talented, self-made pretty woman with a generous heart and a great joy of life. In other countries, the cover date usually matches more closely the Magazines on dating of publication, and may indeed be identical where weekly magazines are concerned.

Click here to see their video story from the New York Times Vows section. Marvel Comics opted against putting cover dates on the cover in October ; instead, the "cover" date was moved to the indicia on an interior page. Our client is an attractive, vivacious, independent and entrepreneurial woman based in the Netherlands.

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Cynthia Johnson MacKay, A.