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A little too polite for my liking This allows members to ask questions without being matched up, and to get to know the person they are asking questions better. But what bothers me is how they'll be able to keep the facade offline?

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Anyway, I kept getting prompted to pay for a subscription for faster entry into the website, which would be a nice gesture I suppose but, if I don't get "accepted" I'd rather spend my time somewhere else where the men are real and the wealth and resources are facts and not just an online persona.

Benefits and Drawbacks Benefits The app is free to try. Thanks to the free unlimited messaging facility, we can chat all day on Luxy. To find a potential match you have to play a match making game which makes things interesting Drawbacks None Final Verdict: The moments feature allows members to upload photos of yourself, along with your luxury items, and vacations.

The verification allows you to verify yourself.

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Luxy members get to create of their favorite brands, such as Prada. So after a month of using it in London, Geneva, and New York, I finally feel as though I have a good understanding of the way it works. In Geneva I didn't use it too much as I was super busy, but there were heaps of French people using it and definitely a lot more 'verified income' users.

The app plays matchmaker for executives, models, doctors, lawyers, beauty queens and regularly rejects users for not meeting standards.

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It's definitely interesting Dating site in hyd of a much higher calibre, it was refreshing to not have to pretend I know about gap years and hostels and budgeting and eating 2-minute noodles, and it was also refreshing to chat to someone who knows exactly what you're talking about.

If you are interested in a profile, then you swipe right. The moments feature comes with three different tabs, which include: Some Luxy dating app the pictures in their profiles looked photoshopped, and like magazine spreads, which is fine, who doesn't like an attractive person?

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The first thing I noticed when using it was that all the men on it are so polite. I'm a super nosy person so I loved seeing photos from the parties people were at, the holidays they were on, and the flash cars they were driving I'm a bit of a supercar lover So did my experience of the app differ depending on the city I was in?

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If you have been voted in, then you will get the option to use the play feature. The Luxy app is a safe way to meet other people that likes the same things you do.

You can send messages to anyone without being matched to that person.

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There is a time limit on the voting, which is twenty-four hours. My favourite feature though was 'Moments', it was basically the Rich Kids of Instagram feed but within the app.

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It was a refreshing change after the short time I spent on Tinder last year, which I joined after I felt like Luxy dating app was missing out on sharing hilarious stories with the girls in our various whatsapp groups. Which made me worry that they were all doing that thing guys do when they swipe right on every single woman and hope a fraction of them swipe right on them also.

Luxy is the numbers one millionaire matchmaking dating app. Whereas with the likes of Tinder I could set the age betweenon Luxy you're stuck using up precious left swipes you only get a certain amount of swipes per day on men in their fifties that you would never even consider.

The Luxy Tune membership allows standard users to add a few features to their standard usage.

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Gradually I found similarities between us and officially dating. And in NYC, they love the Moments feature out there, which was great for nosy ole me!

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Do you let real girls in? Luxy members will have three rounds each day with the play feature. However, the men more my age that I did swipe right on ladies, there are some very good looking men on this appcame up with an instant match - every single one.