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Daniel Wright is brought to the race separate from the other contestants and introduced as a surprise to them. Daniel feels like the one pound gain puts a target on his back.

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Amanda hangs out with friends, and Daniel says they are at a real disadvantage. Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny. Each player is assigned a pile of sand to dig through, but they soon realize that they are digging several feet into the ground to find boxes containing their key.

Amanda is next, followed by Rudy. Ultimately, Liz wins over Allen by one person. Her husband and kids cry when she gets home, and they hug her.

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Bob does last chance workout, starting with Allen. Teams competed against each other in football obstacle courses to test their speed, strength and agility. Rebecca finishes the voting off with Mo. To win immunity, she needs to lose at least nine pounds.

Allen Loser dating site goes to blue and Abby to black.

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Ali confirms that Liz is the highest loss and is immune; Liz is very excited to get revenge. Correct answer is calories and pink wins. The path is narrow, so blue goes for the lead. Danny is pretty ticked.

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Danni lost the highest percentage among the finalists with They tell their stories about how they got to where they are and what might help. He looks like he's working hard and Julio says he's an old warrior.

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Because all of the contestants hit their weight-loss goals, everyone was able to stay on the ranch for another week. By the time this episode aired, Sean has lost pounds, and Antoine has lost pounds.

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Rudy is next and he says he's pulled double digits every week so far, but he only gets an 8 this time. The fifteen arrive at the Ranch to find out their assigned teams and get straight into the gym for their first workout.

Amanda talks to Jillian about walking out of the gym. Blue stops for a rest before the mud and then goes through; black is not even at the mud, and then Amanda loses her shoe in the mud.

Newsletter Sign Up Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. The contestants will jump through hoops.

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At the weigh-in, Liz Happy banana dating Rebecca fall below the yellow line. He's doing jumps to stools, and gets up to a 3-foot platform.

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Gina is the final contestant to weigh in. Last season he was eliminated at Week 4. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that TC currently weighed at pounds, losing 56 pounds since his weight loss journey. She has to stay off her feet this week. Daniel and Rebecca move spin bikes into Shay's room so that the young members can exercise while the other team thinks they are sleeping or resting.

Jillian works to help team form new bonds and trust. However, after Cate's, Jackson's and Lisa's weight loss of two pounds, the Red Team finished with a weak 1.