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Then sign up for our writers workshop! JFK not only knew he was getting the Third Reich leader's old date, but he also knew that Arvad was under FBI surveillance and that she was strongly suspected of trying to get Navy secrets out of him.

Orlov, however, wasn't cut out for duties more complex than bed-warming, so she gave him loads of money and a palace where he could stay out of the way. Apparently, Lysistrata was pretty damn true to life.

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Continue Reading Below Advertisement Kennedy's sexcapades didn't exactly end when he became president -- and they didn't get any safer for national security. A google search pops up a fresh, overloading conversation.

That's half as long as Jedi Fantasy Camp, and there's certainly no sex going on there. When Kennedy found out about this, he didn't exactly spring into action.

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But the Secret Service's entourage duties didn't end there. But unlike most sexually promiscuous royalty, Catherine didn't adopt a love-em-and-leave-em or even a love-em-and-execute-em strategy; instead, she just made their dreams come true.

Let's just take a gander at this arctic fox Eventually, the president and the presumably sexless PM had had enough. Must have been something special to keep all the men lined up, right? Someone should let Frankenstein's Monster know somebody's been sleeping with his wife.

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Continue Reading Below Advertisement In short, Henry VIII made his own church, declared himself head of it and killed the fuck out of anyone who said different -- all because Anne Boleyn was young, hot and available. Thankfully, the Navy wised up to Kennedy's shenanigans and busted him down to a desk job before he could spill anything valuable And there are tons like it hurriedly posted up wherever the entrepreneurs can get a chance on various Nigerian media.

Just another Nigerian scam From our comprehensive research, we conclude that it is a simple and easy scam. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Pretty much all of her favorites were rewarded with land, money and titles; Grigory Orlov, for example, was raised from an artillery officer to a count and so were his three brothers -- Catherine even made one of them a naval commander because, hey -- nepotism.

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Inwomen's activist groups in Kenya called for a week-long sex strike to force the president and the PM to meet and make peace. You can visit Eddie's website here. NewsRescue recently published an article on European sex-tourists ladies seeking young African menwe do know these things do happen.

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You can create an infograpic and you could be on the front page of Cracked. And theirs truly was a fairytale romance Who would want to divorce a woman with such angular hair?