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She would take the odd swipe at us but woe betide anyone else who said or did anything to hurt us. Alice, now 99, is the only one of the six Goldsmith children still alive. The director Richard Eyre cast the two actresses after finding a "correspondence of spirit between them".

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She always wanted to better herself and the whole family used to call her Lady Dorothy. The school also functioned as an agency and took students to London to audition for acting jobs. His wife Elizabeth was all right, too.

Jodie FosterJohn C. Cameron was initially reluctant to cast her, preferring the stars Claire Danes or Gwyneth Paltrowbut Winslet pleaded with him, "You don't understand!

The daughter of a carpenter who had moved his family to London from the Durham coalfields during the Thirties, she became known within the family for her aspirations. It contains correspondence between Winslet and Ericsdottir, personal statements from various celebrities, and contributions from Thorsteinsson.

Winslet's character was vastly expanded from a subsidiary love-interest in the novel it was based on to a prominent code-breaker in the film. Despite her reluctance to star in another period piece, Winslet agreed to the project after empathising with Sylvia's love for her children.

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She left home in to marry Bill, a haulage driver, but still remembers how tough life was for her mother. They were just ordinary people. Describing Adele's character as having "more vulnerability than strength", Winslet found her to be a departure from the strong-willed women she typically played.

For the film's soundtrack she sang " What If ", which proved to be a commercial hit; she donated her earnings from it to children's charities. You only had to say one word What method describes an example of absolute dating she would take her shoes off and throw them at you.

During the day, the youngsters were looked after by their elder sisters, Alice and Ede, while Edith went to work at a nearby Ticklers jam factory.


The workload allowed her only four hours of sleep per day and she felt drained by the experience. Not only was she wealthy in her own right, but her husband returned safely from the battlefields. She played Ginny, a temperamental housewife having an affair with a lifeguard Justin Timberlake.

Gentle and kind, Olive made sure their house, Fairfield, was filled with voices and laughter — and the children thrived in their surroundings. Winslet was attracted to the idea of playing a woman whose aspirations had not been met, [] and she read The Feminine Mystique to understand the psychology of unhappy housewives from the era.

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She always wanted better. After her mother died of influenza when Olive was just ten, she was privately educated at Roedean. She liked a drink and smoked but who could blame her with what she had to put up with?

She wanted to be the top brick in the chimney. She was the star for making Christmas puddings in the whole family.

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Impressed by her reading, Thompson cast her for the much larger part of the recklessly romantic teenager Marianne Dashwood. All the washing went in there and she used to do the Christmas puddings there as well.

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She played a satirical version of herself in it—an actress, who in an effort to win an Oscar, takes the role of a nun in a Holocaust film. Enlarge Born inthe eldest of five children, Olive was always destined for a life of privilege. It made Olive Middleton a very wealthy woman. She played the supporting part of the love interest to Law's character.

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The cast rehearsed the script like a play for two weeks, and Winslet brought her children with her to Paris for the eight weeks of filming. Roger Ebert believed that the part allowed Winslet to display her acting range, and praised her for the defiance she brought to the role.

Despite the loss of her brothers, Olive considered herself fortunate. She found the script brave and was challenged by the idea of portraying an unlikable, manipulative woman.

Based on the novel of the same namethe film tells the story of Sarah Pierce, an unhappy housewife who has an affair with a married neighbour played by Patrick Wilson. Reillyand Christoph Waltz co-starred.

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