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Whenever you visit the nurseryyou will find your partner there. Another way to meet romantic contacts is through the Konnections feature of the game.

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I adopted a child the first time because I didn't want to go through the struggle of maxing my relationship. Apr 20 [] Answer from: Naomi Me too, like my actual husband proposed me before the stars and had already declared his love for me, but now we have passed the 1, hearts and he has not given me any key Posted on: Also, it doesn't matter what gender the people you date are.

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Share Babies are a feature in Kim Kardashian Hollywood that lets you adopt a baby or have a baby with your significant other. Also, if you have a bunch of relationships going on at the same time, the chances of the major ones calling to break up is reduced, because it seems like you only average up to one break up call a day although if you're away from the game for a while, you can get multiple calls in a row.

I am between 1, hearts with her but am not exactly sure when I got the key to her house.

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Should you and your romantic partner get a divorce, you will Dating aa car badges the baby.

You do not need to be married in order to have a baby.


They have not given me any key yet. I just reached 3, For example, if you have a darker skintone while your partner has a lighter skintone, the baby's skintone will be a shade in-between.

The gender of the baby you have with your romantic partner will be randomly chosen. The second way is to have a baby with your romantic partner by reaching 12, relationship points.

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To increase the relationship meter with a contactyou will need to go on dates with them. Once you decide to have a baby, there is no way to give it up or exchange it for another.

After adopting a baby, you will be taken to the nurserywhere you can choose a name for your baby, change their appearanceor decorate the room. Others are saying that your partner Kardashian dating levels you they love you at 2, hearts and have already given you the key to their house.

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There are two ways in which you can have a baby. You can visit the nursery once a day tend to your baby's needs.

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The baby you have with your romantic partner will have a mixture of both of your features. I'm in committed relationships with seven people right now, several of which have hit the max level.

If you guess correctly what your baby wants, you earn 1.

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You can boost your number by buying clothescars, or furniture that give gold hearts. Chart not completely accurate, your relationships situations may vary.

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Sep 24 [] Answer from: You can save up k stars and adopt or u can wait till you reach the highest point in your realism ship.

Will it affect my relationship with my current boyfriend if I go out with someone else?

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Jul 16 [] Answer from: I'm so confused; what are the actual dating stages? As long as you occasionally check in with them for dates or pay to charm them if they try to break up, you're fine.

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