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The List is clearly written by a saesang and I know the history of their actions. Add all the scandals from YG groups and it makes itself clear.

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Likely this is an attempt to try and take away fans from female groups by inserting the image of "a group of whores corrupting young innocent men". Pretty basic and believable. Both of these are very realistic to me.

Chanyeol I think just tries to be kind to everyone and keep everything together.


Jungkook email Saesang are near experts at everything when it comee to oppa. There was also a rumour about an SNSD member spotted at a gay bar. GOT7 probably has had this. Jongdae and Minseok are, for me, clearly the closest as friends as they are constantly seen together and actually speak with an air of genuineness to each other including nicknames and more friendly teases.

Probably a young fling. South Korea has the second highest suicide rate among documented countries. Not because he lacked the looks or even the desire to do it but because EVERY guy basically says they lost their virginity wayyyy earlier than they actually did.

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Odds are saesangs may have actually heard Taehyung say something like this in a hotel room or something and took it at face value. They work at the same K-idol dating rumors. What was more shocking though was the year age gap. Taehyung loses virginity at Being located kissing at a pool in a hotel seems quite convenient for passing photographers before suddenly NOTHING happens for months.

There have been no sightings of the pair together in a little while, but with these 2, you never know XD 6. We know Jessica left.

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Around August last year, the pair uploaded cryptic clues on Instagram alluding to their singleness. Taehyung spoke with girl group members through kakaotalk. Is it possible it was written about a groupie? I honestly don't really buy it. Taeyeon thinks for a bit and then enthusiastically says yes.

Rap Monster is not dating anyone to focus on his career. Audio of Junhoe masturbating. This has more of a fanfiction feel to it than the previous ones.

It was a watershed moment for the agencies too, as they confirmed the relationship prior to that, most agencies would deny it, even in the face of proof. Also TaeYeon's pre-debut girlfriend rumour on YG magazine that I haven't been able to get a translation on.

Yuri had a high school friend added on her fb this year that stated: Pre-debut fans are usually closer and stalk a bit more.

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