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Induring Louis IX 's minority, Blanche of Castile decided to fortify the city and to rebuild the castle. Anjouas a political entity, disappeared, although the new department included most of its territory. At the beginning of the 20th century, two higher education establishments, specializing in agriculture and commercial sciences, were opened.

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He also founded in Angers a new Ordre du Croissant which was supposed to compete with the Order of the Golden Fleececreated several years earlier. At the same time, he also ruled the vast Angevin Empirewhich stretched from the Pyrenees to Ireland.

When the news of the St. In Septemberwhen Poland was invaded by Germany, the Polish government-in-exile settled in Angers. At the same time, with the growth of Protestantism in France, a Catholic was placed at the head of the city and its castle while the bourgeoisie formed a Catholic militia to protect Angers from the Huguenots.

When completed, the line connected Paris to the Atlantic coast. Bartholomew's Day massacre reached Angers, another massacre took place in the city.

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InLouis XI of Francein his attempt to conquer Anjou, came to Angers with his army, asking for the keys of the city. Later, during the s and s, the schools of Law, Medicine and Theology, renowned in Europewere organized into a university.

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Angers fell to the Nazis during the same month. Inthe people of Angers revolted against rising taxes, the start of the Fronde in Anjou. Aroundhe took the title of count earl of Angers and founded the first Anjou dynasty, the House of Ingelger French: The bishop, Gabriel Bouveryorganized on his side an "Angevin League".

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France was troubled at this time by several famines and epidemics, and by political instability. New districts of the city were also opened up on the opposite bank of the river.

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However, ina law prohibited private institutions of higher education from calling themselves "universities". The city traditionally had a somewhat sombre appearance from the quantity of local slate used in construction but many quarters were gradually destroyed, redeveloped, or rebuilt on the Parisian model.

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The Duke of Rohan immediately surrendered and thus again prevented the sack of the city. The Royalists' bad tactics, as well Job dating angers the strength of Angers city wall and castle, caused their loss.

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The city was defended by 4, Republican soldiers, whereas the Royalists were at least 20, but weakened by successive fights and deceases.