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So big couple movements on both ends. Six players from each team have to swim from the shore to the docks, and retrieve the fire-building materials over their heads without getting them wet, while the remaining three players from each team will try to sabotage their opponents by dumping buckets of water from the top of their platforms.

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After the start is announced, both contestants must race against each other in order to break all of the different panes of glass, the contestant who can achieve this fastest is the winner.

It has to be. And even though the finale was all about Ross and Rachel finally getting back together for good she got off the plane! After crossing a river, each player has to run up a steep hill to the first checkpoint, "Spot On," in which each player has to complete a puzzle.

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Each pair then advances to the "Push Over" checkpoint, in which players have to push a sled filled with dirt across a line, and remove the dirt to make the sled lighter. He was the one that got away, and she almost ended up engaged to him in season nine. It was too far into the series to throw these two together.

Each player is hanging from the top of the structure, and has to pull on their designated rope as fast as possible, which will send their flag toward their own barrel. And, oh yeah, Ross says Rachel's name at the altar while marrying Emily.

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A swing is suspended feet in a canyon over the Shotover River. Happy year anniversary, Friends! Once six out of seven flags have reached the barrel, the one remaining barrel will explode, dropping the player attached to the barrel into the water.

After the leopard puzzle station, each team must retrieve puzzle pieces by digging through a pit with a Babysitter dating at the bottom that will aid in each team carrying their respective puzzle pieces, before reaching the rhino puzzle station.

Final challenge[ edit ] The final challenge begins with each player riding on a jet boat, and each player jumping off the boat when it stops in the middle of the river. Format[ edit ] The competition consists of a series of team and individual challenges sometimes called "missions"with an elimination challenge known as the "Inferno.

Each Inferno alternates between male and female. Following the Inferno, Timmy announced that he would be retiring from the challenges, saying that he is passing the torch. Joey fell in love with Rachel after she moved in with him, and Rachel later began to return those feelings although hers were more lust-oriented.

A pair is disqualified if the female player sitting on the puck makes any contact with the ice, or falls off the puck prior to reaching a numbered target on the other side.

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