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The winters destroyed stored crops of potatoes and other staples and the poor summers severely damaged harvests. Norman settlements were characterised by the establishment of baronies, manors, towns and the seeds of the modern county system.

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Daniel O'Connell led a subsequent campaign, for the repeal of the Act of Union, which failed. It was led by Richard de Clarecalled Strongbow due to his prowess as an archer.

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The Act was passed but with the "temporary" exclusion of the six counties of Ulster that would become Northern Ireland. Mass emigration became deeply entrenched and the population continued to decline until the midth century.

It gave Ireland complete independence in its home affairs and practical independence for foreign policy, but an opt-out clause allowed Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom, which it immediately exercised as expected.

The civil war officially ended in May when de Valera issued a cease-fire order.

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Irish losses during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms which, in Ireland, included the Irish Confederacy and the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland are estimated to include 20, battlefield casualties.

The oath was abolished and in a new constitution was adopted. Additionally, Members of the Free State Parliament were required to swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the Irish Free State and make a statement of faithfulness to the King. In turn, Henry accepted the title of Lord of Ireland which Henry conferred on his younger son, John Lacklandin After the passing of the Test Actand the victory of the forces of the dual monarchy of William and Mary over the JacobitesRoman Catholics and nonconforming Protestant Dissenters were barred from sitting as members in the Irish Parliament.

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This defined the Irish state as the Lordship of Ireland. Aside from the development of the linen industry, Ireland was largely passed over by the industrial revolutionpartly because it lacked coal and iron resources [62] [63] and partly because of the impact of the sudden union with the structurally superior economy of England, [64] which saw Ireland as a source of agricultural produce and capital.

The Abwehr was also active in Ireland.

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The British response, executing fifteen leaders of the Rising over a period of ten days and imprisoning or interning more than a thousand people, turned the mood of the country in favour of the rebels.

He was elected as Member of Parliament for Ennis in a surprise result and despite being unable to take his seat as a Roman Catholic. InHenry arrived in Ireland in order to review the general progress of the expedition.

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To the authorities, counterintelligence was a fundamental line of defence.