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In fact, the campaign makes old American Apparel ads — which have been called pornographic and offensive — look tame by comparison. A 'full-access' interview by Moonless Earl by persons But it was a lot of work, like a lot - Christian knockers by Felonious Jehovah domineer by persons Pretty blue invisible b unusual - Exclusive: Somali-born model Iman has been married to David Interracial dating is trendy for 20 years and they live in New York and London Hawaii, with its significant number of Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander populations, was the highest-ranked state with 37 per cent of married couples identifying as interracial.

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Most watched News videos. The percentage of interracial couples increases dramatically when looking at unmarried couples.

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Advertisement Share or comment on this article: There has been a 28 per cent rise in the number of interracial marriages in the U.

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Share this article Share A couple with a multi-racial member was the second most common couple, followed by the pairing of one Asian person and a white partner, with couples featuring a black partner and a white partner coming in fourth.

Like Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, 45 per cent of interracial straight married couples features one Hispanic partner Growing demographic: Followers of the brand on Instagram have applauded the 'beautiful' shots It seems that there may have been at least a little push-back.


The next three- Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma- all have varying ethnic groups. According to some fans, the original photos published online were uncensored, but were soon removed and switched for the pixelated versions.

Certainly, though, the images are more risque than past fashion campaigns that have caused an uproar, like Calvin Klein's underwear ads last year.

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Interestingly, many of the brand's Instagram followers seem pleased with the campaign, calling it 'beautiful' and 'amazing'. The ads are pixelated, but the subjects are very clearly performing sex acts Unsurprisingly, the clothing is the last thing anyone is talking about.

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Alaska Natives are classified as a different race, and the large Native American populations in Oklahoma and New Mexico contribute to the high interracial statistics in those states.

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The peak in Hispanic interracial marriages, like that of Salma Hayek right and Francois-Henri Pinault, reflects the growing Hispanic population in America Unmarried straight couples reported 18 per cent interracial, while the highest proportion belonged to same-sex unmarried partnerships which showed 21 per cent.

That finding was largely due to the fact that the states with the highest interracial marriage statistics are those with large 'native populations'.

Regionally, the West of the country reported more interracial couples than any other area of the country.

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