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The INFP tends to hold their feelings to themselves and need to remember that their partner needs reminders of their love for the relationship to thrive. Take the test in your language!

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With their values in mind, they want their team to become intrinsically motivated and work independently. Get a concrete, accurate description of who you are and why you do things the way you do, for free. Annie needs a group.

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They enjoy talking about such subjects as spiritual growth, ethics, people, values and how the things should be. Not only did her input and guidance have a significant impact on my professional success, it has also affected my personal relationships and helped bridge many communication gaps, thus resulting in healthier and more enjoyable relationships.

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However, if that over-thinking phase persists too long, INFPs have a tendency to shut down. And then she hired one.

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Like, Melissa had to convince Annie that she should get married, just like I had to convince Melissa that she should get married. Honestly, he has become one of my best friends.

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Now I understand how to interact with him, I know how to communicate with him in a way that he appreciates, and I can fully appreciate who he is. I would be obsessive about washing dishes or putting books a certain way.

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We start getting anxious that our tenuous grasp on our ideal life is slipping further away so we fall into OCD behavior. She is having the classic INFJ problem: Once the INFP is serious about you, expect romantic dates with all little details carefully planned and prepared for.

Some INFPs may appear messy and disorganized generally because they think that worrying much about their personal appearance or their home organization is unimportant.

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INFP has several descriptive names given by different authors and experts. INFPs tend to hide their feelings and pretend to be okay only to overreact to something small and insignificant later. People that are passionate about how they deal with problems and how they embrace successes, give me something solid that I can relate my life against.

What action I took depended on how I interpreted body language, word choice and all the minute details of my interactions. For example, the INFP dislikes people who are highly competitive or those who seem to be concerned about their paycheck more than the work itself.

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Most of the time, our OCD comes across as mild quirks.