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Rather than establishing crowd safety as the priority, clubs, local authorities and the police viewed their roles and responsibilities through the 'lens of hooliganism'.

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A Leeds fan described disorganisation at the turnstiles and no steward or police direction inside the Continental dating, resulting in the crowd in one enclosure becoming so compressed he was at times unable to raise and clap his hands.

The FA chief executive Graham Kellywho had attended the match, said the FA would conduct an inquiry into what had happened. The request to delay the start of the match by 20 minutes [34] was declined.

The first reading was read by Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar.

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Some fans tried to break through the cordon simply to ferry injured fans to waiting ambulances on the Nottingham Forest end but were forcibly turned back. As the disaster unfolded, the Independent newspaper dating were relayed live to the Saturday sports show, Grandstand. Fans were still streaming into pens 3 and 4 from the rear entrance tunnel as the match began.

This left planning for the semi-final match to Duckenfield, who had never commanded a sell-out football match before, and who had "very little, if any" training or personal experience in how to do so. South Yorkshire Police Superintendent Greenwood the ground commander realised the situation, and ran on the field to gain referee Ray Lewis 's attention.

The transfer was to be done with immediate effect on 27 March Kick-off was scheduled for 3: A police constable radioed control requesting that the game be delayed, as it had been two years before, to ensure the safe passage of supporters into the ground.

Speaking after the disaster, Kelly backed all-seater stadiums, saying "We must move fans away from the ritual of standing on terraces".

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Bushand the chief executive of Juventus fans of Liverpool and Juventus were involved in the Heysel Stadium disaster amongst many others. There were cases of alcoholism, drug abuse, and collapsed marriages involving people who had witnessed the events.

As a result of the stadium layout and segregation policy, turnstiles that would normally have been used to enter the North Stand from the east were off-limits and all Liverpool supporters had to converge on a single entrance at Leppings Lane.

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The approach has been described as a "bottleneck" in which attendees had to fill two sides of the stadium.

The safety certificate was never renewed and the stated capacity of the stadium was never changed.

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In October a probationary PC in Mole's F division, South Yorkshire was handcuffed, photographed, and stripped by fellow officers in a fake robbery, as a hazing prank.

When the gates were opened, thousands of fans entered a narrow tunnel leading to the rear of the terrace into two overcrowded central pens pens 3 and 4creating pressure at the front.

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As events unfolded, some police officers were still deployed making a cordon three-quarters of the way down the pitch to prevent Liverpool supporters reaching the opposing supporters.

Hundreds of people were pressed against one another and the fencing by the weight of the crowd behind them. An additional 3 victims came from Sheffield with 2 more living in counties adjacent to South Yorkshire. Chief Superintendent Mole himself was to be transferred to the Barnsley division for "career development reasons".

He is still alive as of Well, if you look at the Liverpool end, to the right of the goal, there's hardly anybody on those steps It entered the Independent newspaper dating Singles Chart at number 1 on 20 May, remaining at the top for a total of three weeks.

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Holes in the perimeter fencing were made by fans desperately attempting to rescue others. His remarks led to Liverpool F. The passengers arrived on the grounds about 2: Many uninjured fans assisted the injured; several attempted CPR and others tore down advertising hoardings to use as stretchers.

Turnstiles numbered 1 to 10, 10 in all, provided access to 9, seats in the North Stand; a further 6 turnstiles numbered 11 to 16 provided access to Independent newspaper dating, seats in the upper tier of the West Stand.

Lewis stopped the match at 3: Finally, 7 turnstiles lettered A to G provided access to 10, standing places in the lower tier of the West Stand. Liverpool supporters were allocated the North and West ends Leppings Laneholding 24, fans, reached by 23 turnstiles from a narrow concourse.

Fans outside could hear cheering as the teams came on the pitch ten minutes before the match started, and as the match kicked off, but could not gain entrance. The lingering effects of the disaster were seen as a cause, or contributary factor, in all of these. Possibly connected to the excitement, a surge in pen 3 caused one of its metal crush barriers to give way, [37] thrusting people forward on top of one another, and into the pen's front fences.