20 Sexy Questions To Ask a Guy and Seduce Him 20 Sexy Questions To Ask a Guy and Seduce Him

Important questions to ask a guy before dating him, 150 extra questions to ask a guy

#1 Where Were You Born?

Who is your favorite author? Ex-girlfriends can be another form of baggage altogether. When you think about your future together, can you list three things that you think would be excruciating to let go?

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Who would be the worst celebrity to have dinner with? I think you're the kind of woman I could see myself with," all of that generic stuff we know you want to hear.

Ask Him These Top 25 If You Have A Crush On Him

Not all values are the same and sometimes you can have two very good people with very good values, but those values can feel at war with each other. Which is the best place you have traveled to?

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You will never, ever know what the other person is doing at all times. Similar to the drop the mic moment question, this one will give him a chance to tell you about a story that is important to him. Can you share 3 good points about me? You have all said wonderful and appreciative things to me since I started Ask a Guy and I am deeply and sincerely grateful and appreciative to have your support.

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Enter your email below and then check your email for instructions. What really makes this question fun is imagining what the celebrity would do once they were leader and what kinds of laws they would make. We just don't get along.

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What's going to make him do right by you and the kids? What two things are you most passionate about? Does He Just Want Sex?

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What are you afraid to lose the most? But on a positive note, I can offer the next best thing: What would be the absolute best pet to have? What are your major goals in life? Where were you born?

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Start by making the man be really clear up front about what he wants out of his life and his relationship with you.