My [25F] professor [30M] asked me to go on a date after I graduate next month. : relationships My [25F] professor [30M] asked me to go on a date after I graduate next month. : relationships

Im dating my professor, find the good stuff

He slid over the recommendation letter in a sealed envelope and told me that he would be interested in going out for dinner with me after my commencement. It would almost certainly be frowned upon, if not cost him professionally.

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The Im dating my professor doesn't care. Most institutions worth a damn have pretty strict rules about this sort of thing.

Will a relationship pose a threat to his career, or her degree prospects? We put it on. I feel like two adults are allowed to date whoever they want. Check the Human Resources section of your college's website.

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My sister dated a professor at her state university. But hey, you say you're in a big city.

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It doesn't matter if the particular school itself thinks it's OK which would really surprise methe wider academic community doesn't like it, the other students in the class won't like it for good reasonand it will be talked about negatively.

People are attracted, fall in love, get crushes, and all the rest. The grip has loosened and my knees are trembling.

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Universities are as much a part of the real world as anywhere else. You are safe now. Not all the right answers in life come from "evidence.

Why don't you wait until you get your final grade. After the class is over? But think about the other female students who don't happen to be physically attractive to him. We were chatting about summer plans, the jobs I've been applying to and other random things when he clears his throat and became really serious.