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Gross Impractical Jokers Tasks Ranked In Order

In the "Eat and Run" challenge. Due to his habit of mumbling and mixing up words and letters, he's had some poor luck with social interaction at times especially in earlier episodes where he was given a pass in some challenges because not a lot of people want to approach him.

His real name is Brian.

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You're like the Kate Moss of fat fucks. Don't forget "Snow Way Out" when he was stuck on the ski lift with Sal while Joe and Q threw snowballs and shot paintball guns at them from below. When Sal got caught watching porn in public, the cringe levels were too much to handle.

Seriously, the guy can stuff an entire doughnut into his mouth in one sitting!

12 Tiny Little Details You Missed In Impractical Jokers

Keep that shit to yerself, man. Too many to list; the guys seem to always give Murr the worst punishments. Q got the first one, and while he was doing it, the others decided to make him do every challenge they picked. Well, the sanest of the bunch.

But, he managed to succeed at all three, and the others made the mistake of taking the punishment together if he managed to unzip a man's fly, resulting in Q testing them about his life to see who his best friend was on the edge of a CLIFF.

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You're like rail thin Dating gawi rico blanco download what you eat. His real name is James. A season later, the jokers played a challenge where they have to kiss the actor hidden in the scene.

Crowning Moment of Awesome: Apparently, it has something to do with a German police officer Is revealed to be arachnophobic in his "Spider-Man" punishment.

This Is Gonna Suck: Then inverted when he had to wear a wig made of Q's hair for the rest of season 6.

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James Stephen "Murr" Murray "You don't ever want to confise the inferior vena cava with the pulmonary valves, or someone could die. The lie detector punishment. He is into boy bands and intense personal grooming such as shaving his chest and plucking his eyebrows.

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He mentions in season 6 episode "The Butt of the Jokers" that he started balding at In the next season, in a recent challenge, the boys had to be managers at a Hooters restaurant. Funny enough, people have been nicer to him on sight with a beard. We met at an- uh, at a- orchid. There's a challenge where Joe is eating a large pastry while Murr is up and Sal calls him out on it.

In the Season 1 finale - Joe got a mullet, Q got bright red curls, Sal got two bleached horns, and Murr's head was completely shaved except for a tuft at the front. The four stars of the hit comedy reality TV series, Impractical Jokers.

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When Murr met his childhood crush dressed as a bodybuilder. Actually, more like eleven million, in the third season premiere.

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In the episode "Not Safe For Work", Murr's nudity is so funny that it causes Q to laugh so hard he has to puke in a bucket. It's got to be Sal drinking a cup of dirty pool water.

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Though he's not a douche bag about it and actually apologized to a fan for making what was interpreted as an anti-Christian joke. For example, Joe will shake his rear end in a woman's face, but couldn't work up the nerve to insert the word "circumcision" into a sentence.

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When Joe became 'Captain Fat Belly'. Why Did it Have to Be Heights?

Some variation of "I think I have a foolproof plan. When Murr did a speech whilst his mouth was numbed with anaesthetic. Although, there are barriers even he wouldn't reach.